Matt Diggity Review, Why I Love His SEO Strategy Videos

I really enjoy watching Matt Diggity’s SEO strategy videos because he always provides valuable information and he is very entertaining. I have learned a lot from him about SEO and I think his approach is very effective. He has helped me improve my own website’s traffic and ranking significantly. I would definitely recommend his videos to anyone who is interested in becoming a significantly better SEO Specialist. In this Matt Diggity Review, I will review his SEO strategy as a whole, his Youtube channel, and how he compares to my other SEO idol, Matthew Woodward.

Among my favorite topics to watch on his website include the following videos:

Topical Authority, How Does Topical Authority Rank Your Blog?

If you want to improve your blog’s topical authority, then this video is for you. Diggity goes over the basics of what topicality is and how it can help your blog rank better. He also gives you a huge Matt Diggity Reviewtrump card, which is to basically head over to and to use their keyword suggestions to build out a full topical map on your topic of choice.

Citation Flow, How Does Citation Flow Rank Your Website?

In this video, Diggity explains what citation flow is and how it can easily be improved via directory backlinks, and disavowing low quality links.

Parasite SEO

This should be avoided at all costs! Parasite SEO is where you take advantage of a website’s topical authority to rank your own pages. Google hates this, and they will eventually remove your content from their index if they catch you doing it. I personally am not a fan of these black hat types of strategies anyway, and prefer to write good content as a way to capture users.

Long Form Documentary Interviews To Catch on Matt Diggity’s Channel

I personally enjoy the video where Matt interviews the world class Youtuber, and of how they discuss basically every single nook and cranny of how Youtube works, how to game the algorithm, and of how this guy made like literally millions of dollars off of millions of subscribers on his Youtube channel alone. I watched this video when I was in bed with Coronavirus recovering from a 104 fever from start to finish, and I still use some of these topics on my channel to this day!

I also really enjoy the shorter interview format videos where Matt interviews SEO specialists that range in revenue from $10,000 to $50,000 to $1,000,000 per month. A small personal goal of mine is to be able to build an Affiliate Marketing company that makes $1,000,000.00 per year so that I can:

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Final Thoughts On My Matt Diggity Review, Why Matt Diggity And Matthew Woodward Are My Gold Mines For SEO Information!

Matt Diggity and Matthew Woodward are two of the best SEO Youtuber’s that I have ever seen. Matthew Woodward’s channel made me realize that there is way way wayy more to SEO than just building good links. In fact there are 3 tiers to it, which are 1) A good Technical Foundation 2) Good Content, Optimized with Surfer SEO and just a general good writer than churns out a high quality and quantity of articles 3) Building a Clean and Quality link profile.

Matt Diggity was the one who taught me a ton of nitty gritty information on SEO, like what Topical Authority is, how the Metaverse and NFTs actually work, that there is a badass SEO Conference in Chang Mai Thailand and that there are tons of hot Asian women there, and other things like how the Youtube Algorithm works, and how to build a topical map. Woodward was my foundation and Diggity was my accelerator for SEO, and I cannot thank these guys enough! I use some combination of both of their teachings in all of my SEO tests and blogs that I build. Hope you enjoyed the post, subscribe for more business content!






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