Joe Rogan Podcast Spotify, The $100,000,000.00 Move That is Genius for Spotify’s Stock Price

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I have to confess something, yesterday I went ahead and downloaded Spotify on my iPhone, it pained me to do so, but I did it, and the reason that I did it was so that I could see all of Joe Rogan’s new material on Spotify, which is the only platform that he is currently adding new content on. In doing so, I realized something about the Joe Rogan Podcast Spotify move, in that the move was actually genius both on the part of Joe Rogan (obviously) and of Spotify (I previously would’ve thought that Spotify actually overpaid) in that Spotify is likely going to get so many organic downloads, so much brand recognition, so much of a potential bump in their revenue (even if it comes at the expense of $100M being gone from their bottom line right away) and so much probable stock price appreciation once the next earnings report comes out, that they will more than make up their $100 million dollar sticker price that they paid for Joe Rogan. In this blog post, I’ll tell you the pro’s and cons of the Joe Rogan Spotify move, and will do so for both parties. For more information, be sure to comment down below or to subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

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The Joe Rogan Podcast Spotify Reviews, How They Are Fairing So Far In The World of Music and Podcasting Entertainment

So long as we are on the subject, as far as what I’m hearing right now it looks like the Joe Rogan podcast is performing extremely well, and that with this podcast, as well as a host of other podcasts being added to the Spotify platform, that their organic downloads and brand reach is starting to grow at a significant pace. When I was a young Media Buyer at ReachMobi Inc. just out of college, I learned a few things about how a Start-Up company works, I learned that:

Every single app, product or website, makes its money based on its daily active users

And the goal of every start-up is to maximize something known as RPDAU, your Revenue Per Daily Active User

In the case of Spotify, it looks like they have something around 150,000,000 daily active users, at a revenue per daily active user of $0.15 per daily active user. This would give them a revenue of somewhere around $8.22 Billion per year in annual sales, (checking my math, they actually have about $7.44 Billion in annual revenue, I was pretty darn close.) So, in short, that’s how Spotify’s revenue model works.

Final Thoughts on The Joe Rogan Podcast Spotify Reviews, How The Podcast Will Fare Long Term

And that, my loyal readers, is why Mr. Joe Rogan is paid $100,000,000.00, because he is a really great organic traffic grab, and because he can lower their user acquisition cost over the long term, will increase their branding, will help them to capture market share, and will help them to compete with their largest rivals, namely iTunes, Amazon, and now Youtube. Spotify is re-branding themselves as not just the best there is with regards to music, but also now with podcasting and education. For more information on Spotify and on all things finance, be sure to subscribe to our blog and to comment down below with your thoughts and opinions on the article, and we’ll get back to you within one business day with a response.







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