Dippin Dots IPO, The Disney World and Florida Amusement Park Favorite, How They Went From Bankruptcy to a $300,000,000.00 Per Year Empire

The Dippin Dots IPO, could actually be much closer to a reality than you may be thinking. In order to illustrate why I think that this is the case, let’s take a look at some brass tacks revenue numbers. Reddit, one of the largest news websites on the internet, ranked in the top ten websites in the world in overall daily, monthly and annual traffic, has an annual revenue of just over $100,000,000.00 per year, and on that note, freaking DIPPIN DOTS, has an annual revenue of quite literally more than $300,000,000.00 per year, which is absolutely incredible considering 5-10 years ago they were on the edge of Bankruptcy, until their young, charismatic CEO (Update* they actually made $330,000,000 in 2019) Scott Fischer, took over the company and turned them into quite literally a multi billion dollar empire. In this blog post, we’ll show you what he did, and will walk you through why Dippin Dots is worth a lot more than the front page of the internet! For more information on Dippin Dots, and on all things finance, be sure to comment down below, and to subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

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Why Dippin Dots Makes So Much Money Every Year, And How a Dippin Dots IPO Could Be a Lot Closer Than You Think

Here are the main reasons I can see that Dippin Dots makes so much money every single year:

  • They are extremely popular in amusement parks, and are in almost every single amusement park in the world, including Disney World, disney land, epcot, magic kingdom, Universal studios, six flags, cedar point, and just about every single amusement park that you could ever dream of. They are also wicked expensive inside of theme parks, and trust me I’d be the first one to shell out $80,000 for a Dippin Dots stand in a theme park, in that there is so much foot traffic that you would make back your initial investment so darn fast. If you’re telling me that a $2,500,000 investment will every pay back in a McDonald’s franchise that yields you $150,000 per year in profit, than you are crazy, especially if you factor in market returns.
  • Dippin Dots is starting to expand into franchises in areas that are not amusement parks, such as in town plazas, in grocery stores through their own branded ice cream, through their online presence, and more.
  • Dippin Dots is expensive, which means at the level of sales that they are getting, their margins are really really high, which means a high profitability level on their annual revenue, keeping in line with the biggest long term driver of stock prices, earnings.

Why Disney World is Absolutely Integral to a Dippin Dots IPO’s Success, And Why 2020 Will Be a Bad Year for Dippin Dots

With all of the above in mind, it is entirely true that Dippin Dots cannot survive without amusement parks going back to full capacity, and with a growth rate on how many amusement parks they are building. Dippin Dots thrives on amusement park revenue, and with the theme park closures happening currently in 2020, and even with the limited, social distanced foot traffic that is occurring with the current state of theme parks, 2020 is on track to be one of the worst years that Dippin Dots has ever had, expect a slow and painful recovery for Dippin Dots at best, with a possible IPO not until 2025.

Final Thoughts on The Dippin Dots IPO, And Why I Think Something Like an IPO In 2025 Makes the Most Sense

What are your thoughts on the Multi-Billion dollar Dippin Dots empire, and do you think that it will hold up given the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, and the likely multi-year long state of the world that we are currently in? I personally think that they will be on the verge of bankruptcy for another 1-3 years, only to make a massive comeback with the large global recovery of 2025, which is when I can see them doing an IPO. Agree with me or not, comment down below, and be sure to subscribe to our blog for additional details and information. Until next time, you heard it first right here at Inflation Hedging.com.




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