NoFap and Working Out, Why Exercise is Absolutely Necessary to Success

In this blog post, I’ll talk about NoFap and working out, and why working out, as well as meditation, cold showers, eating clean, waking up early, and working really hard every single day, are absolutely essential to your overall success in this business. I’ll also discuss how I had a streak of several weeks, that ended in a horrible relapse period that has me absolutely feeling like crap. I’ll tell you what I did to get to 21 days, how it benefited me in some truly amazing ways, and of how I plan to go even longer this time, to somewhere in the range of like 100 to 365 days. There are certain habits that need to be instilled alongside NoFap in order to for it to work, namely meditation, exercise, cold showers, mindfulness meditation, eating a clean diet, and being extremely productive. In this blog post, I’ll also tell you about my most recent streak, which went on for 21 days, and which ended in horrible fashion because of some strange circumstances. I will also tell you what I am now doing to get back on the path, and of how I think I can make it 365 days this time, for more information on all things performance enhancement, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

Here are my list of major habits that need to be integrated in order to successfully transmute and add sexual energy to your life:


NoFap and Working OutCold Showers


A Clean Diet

No Alcohol

A Heavy Mindfulness Practice

Not Fantasizing

Having a Goal that is Pushing you forward

Dating only Slightly

Downgrade social media as much as possible

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And a host of other strategies that we will cover within this blog post, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

NoFap and Working Out, Why Exercise is Absolutely Necessary to Success

NoFap and working out is the key to making it work over the long term. From the get go, you are going to have some extremely powerful urges that you are going to have to suppress in order to succeed with this. By transmuting this energy and getting it to channel upwards, into your mind, rather than by flowing down and outward into a sexual orgasm, you will be able to use this energy to have power and success in the world. Use this energy to pursue your goals, wake up early every single day, bolster your career, get caught up at work, channel it to push forward with your creative endeavors, and eventually, your body will realize what you are doing and the urges will subside. Personally, I have noticed the amazing benefits that is has given my writing, and of how it has helped me to gain muscle mass, how it has helped me with talking to women, with talking to clients on the phone in my job, and in a host of other areas. Use working out to suppress the urges enough to keep the momentum flowing.

NoFap and Meditation, The Secret to Success in NoFap

Meditation is another huge one that you can use in order to succeed with NoFap. Make sure that you meditate at least 20 minutes per day, I prefer doing so with headspace right before bed, and make sure that you practice mindfulness meditation pretty regularly, living in the moment and focusing on your breathing, as much as you can in order to continue to allow your sexual energy to build up inside of you. Sexual energy is the most powerful of human desires, do not just allow it to run freely, channel it to give you wealth and power in the world.

How to Resist Urges with the Power of Cold Showers

Cold showers are another major secret to my success in NoFap, and in life. Whether you do this in the morning, at night, or when you feel like you need one in order to maintain your streak, you can always depend on cold showers to wake you up and to increase your overall chances of success. While unpleasant yes, it definitely helps you out a lot during the day, giving you a small boost after a hard workout to put in that extra hour of work, that extra 20 minutes of writing, and to channel your sexual energy and power as much as humanly possible to upgrade yourself to the powerful person that you were meant to be. Nuff said on this one.

Final Thoughts on NoFap and Working Out, The Best Combination for Success

So, I think that working out and NoFap are two of the best things that you can do in order to have success with the sexual energy channeling practice, and to have success in like. I practice both of these regularly in my own life, and I would not trade this practice for anything. And I know that this blog post is a bit more esoteric than usual, I’m making a few transmutation posts to see how they perform, after this its right back to our regularly scheduled programming. For more details and information on all things finance, business and performance, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.







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