How to Bounce Back When You’ve Had an Off Week (Or an Off Month)

In today’s blog post, I will walk you through how to bounce back when you’ve had an off week, an off month, or even an off quarter or lengthier period, and for how you can reset the clock so to speak, and bounce back on schedule. I’ll be honest, July has been something of an off month for me, at least in comparison to June, and to the first week in July. I seem to remember that by the close of June, I was on a fantastic NoFap streak that went into the start of July, I was in a pretty solid workout routine, I was churning out new content on this blog at an absolutely ridiculous pace, and I was in something of a state of flow.

A few things have happened this month that has burst my concentration, their was a tropical storm to open the Fourth of July Month that threw off the week, I received a Jury Duty summons, I went to Universal for the weekend and picked up a bad cold that was quite possibly Coronavirus and that I am just now recovering from, I realized that I needed to change my address on all of my currently outstanding documents, and work has been kicking my ass the past week or two. I’ve even had writers block a little bit this month due to all of this (writer’s block is not something that I typically struggle with, at least in terms of writing blog posts or online e-books etc.)

Add to this me falling back into old PMO habits to open up the month due to a girl that I met basically getting inside my head, and you’ve got yourself a perfect storm that has led me here. And so, aside from just journaling about my own experiences, I am going to use this blog post to give you some strategies for how you can bounce back from an off week or off month, and for how you can get back on the path and get your momentum flowing again. For more details and information on all things business and performance, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

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Some of the techniques that I will go over in this blog post include the following:

Re-Building Momentum

Conquering Writers Block

How to Bounce Back When You've Had an Off WeekStarting with One Step

Move Forward

Restart the Week

Use the Anger

Build and Attack

Go on the Offensive

Waking up Earlier

Cleaning your Room

Rebuilding Discipline

And much more, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

How to Bounce Back When You’ve Had an Off Week, Summary of My Week

My week was actually going pretty well largely until I got back from the mini-vacation that I took for my birthday last weekend (I’m quickly realizing that anytime you try to have fun it snaps back and bites you, whether its due to a work backlog, or you not being around to adapt to problems as they arose) and came back to the fact that my roommates had absolutely trashed the apartment, that they had planned on bringing over one of their cousins who was recently living in ETHIOPIA! (I have a 9 to 5 in Wealth Management, good luck explaining to your brokerage firm how a client got West Nile Virus) and a massive backlog of tasks from work that I needed to catch up on that I had quite honestly been kicking down the road.

So, long story short, I negotiated and made sure the cousin didn’t come down, I cleaned the apartment, and I got caught up at work. But past this, I got pretty sick on Wednesday, and this is either the worst cold on the face of the planet, or the Delta Variant of COVID-19 that I caught post-vaccine and only had mild, cold-like effects. Either way, it was not a pleasant week to say the least, and now I haven’t been the gym in 2 weeks, I am falling behind on studying for my 2-15 license, I haven’t nurtured my office relationships like I would have liked to, have been remote for nearly a month, and have fallen behind on tons of stuff, including certain goals that I had for this blog. And so, now I am in the position to bounce back!

How I’m Planning on Bouncing Back

With August quickly approaching, I am finding that our busy seasons is upon us, they are bringing clients and employees back to the office, which means it is going to speed up, and I am going to need to be on my A-game come August. I’ll be honest, in the month of July I begin to feel the closest to symptoms of actual burnout that I had in quite awhile, and so I have some plans made to bounce back.

  1. I am taking Thursday and Friday off this week, this will allow me a four day weekend to recuperate.
  2.  I am going to start ordering healthier lunches come next week, this will give me a much needed morale boost as I pretty much eat like crap for lunch during the week.
  3. I may book a professional massage appointment during my off time, I think this will help me out a lot to re-charge the batteries.
  4. I am going to try and catch up on sleep, exercise and a proper diet as much as possible during this time as well.

I am hoping that this leaves me feeling plenty re-charged and ready to attack the day starting in August, Nuff Said!

Final Thoughts on How to Bounce Back When You’ve Had an Off Week, Just Keep Going!

So that’s my plan, that’s how my week went, and that’s how I am planning to bounce back. Not a great article for giving other people life advice for bouncing back I suppose, and really more of a journal blog of my personal struggles. One piece of advice I guess I would tell you for bouncing back is to not try and do it all at once, but to take one small step at a time, hit the gym once, write that one blog post, go back to the office for that one day, go to bed one hour earlier, attend that event one time, etc. etc. Cheers and I’ll see you next time!






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