Why I Went Skydiving, An Amazing Display of Strength Everyone Should Do Once

So, yes I’ve been skydiving, and have actually been skydiving twice! This blog post will explain why I went Skydiving not once but twice, and will walk through exactly why I decided to go skydiving, and what the experience was like. I decided to go skydiving mainly, to see if I had the mental strength and fortitude to see if I can do it, and while a year later, I can’t exactly say that it was entirely life changing, but I can tell you that it does bring some strength out inside of you that you probably didn’t know that you had. I will make a bold statement here, and will say that EVERYONE should go skydiving at least once in their lives, when I went skydiving, there was a 78 year old grandmother that was jumping on the same plane with me, and she was laughing and smiling away while I was panicking on the ride up! More on what skydiving feels like below. Be sure to comment down below an to subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

Why I Went Skydiving, What The Week, Day, and Plane Ride Before the Jump Feels Like

So, I went skydiving because I was very nervous about graduating from college and starting my first full time job. So what better way to quell my nerves about starting a new job, than by JUMPING OUT OF Why I Went SkydivingAN AIRPLANE with some of my friends from college. Basically the way it worked, was that I decided on a date that I’d jump out of a plane that was about 10 days out. I still remember that it was on November 2, 2018, and I was planning on jumping on Sunday 11/11/2018, on veteran’s day, in order to give it a go. I remember getting all the way through the process of signing up for the account and putting in all my CC info, when I had to literally have my friend push the “submit” button for me to submit the nonrefundable payment, because I was too scared to hit the button. Nevertheless, from that moment, I knew I was jumping, as the sunk cost fallacy wouldn’t let me not jump!

So, fast forward to one week out, and now it still seems kind of surreal that I was actually going to be jumping out of a plane, I was more or less able to completely have a normal work and school week the entire week before jumping. Night before, same thing, slept pretty much normally even knowing that I’d be jumping out of a plane the next day. I woke up in the morning however, at around 7am (we were jumping at noon) and was absolutely paralyzed in fear of what was about to happen. Ate breakfast, went outside for a walk, now it’s 9am and I go to pick up my friend to go the drop zone. Adrenaline is in full swing and we are freaking out, then comes noon and we start strapping up for our flight.


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Why I Went Skydiving, What FreeFall Actually Feels Like, It is Intense!

So, here’s where it gets REALLY real. On the plane, your body starts to realize what’s actually about to happen, especially as your altimeter starts showing that you are getting up higher and higher. We jumped from 14,000 feet and the rate that my heart was beating when they opened that door was absolutely ridiculous, as now it is 100% real that you are jumping. I still remember what was going on in my brain as that door opened ‘GO GO GO” because I was so freaking terrified that I just wanted to get it over with. We jumped, freefall was incredibly intense, the parachute opened successfully, and well….I’m still here so…the rest is history 🙂

Final Thoughts on Why I Went Skydiving, And Why I Would Recommend This to Everyone!

And so, a very quick snippet of what skydiving is like there, I would highly recommend everyone try skydiving at least once, or better yet twice in order to stretch your strength and abilities. For more information, comment down below and subscribe for more information.




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