My Les Stroud Survivorman Review, Why I Absolutely Love the Show Survivorman

In this blog post, we’ll look at my Les Stroud Survivorman Review, and will talk about why I absolutely love the show Survivorman and why I’m learning a ton about nature and about survival in the wilderness by watching this show. While again this is not a blog post about Finance, I think it relates a little bit about what I write about on this blog, which is basically surviving and thriving in your life. I’ve learned a ton from watching this show over the past week or so, namely that just about all the time, there is always a battle to be had, and that you can always better the odds and improve your circumstances no matter where you are in your life. Watching les survive in deserts, in tundra’s, in freezing rain in marshes, and in swamps and mountains, let alone being lost at sea, has given me a really unique perspective on some things in life, mainly that if you keep pushing forward, always be taking action, and to not be afraid of taking risks, that you can definitely go far in this lifetime. And so without further ado, here’s my Survivorman review featuring Les Stroud, subscribe or comment down below for more information.

The episodes I’ve seen so far have Les Stroud surviving in the following:Les Stroud Survivorman Review

In the Swamp

In Papa New Guinea Forests

In the Amazon rain forest

in 2 of the driest deserts in the world

in the canyons

in the mountains

in the artic by the north pole

Being lost at sea

In other remote forests


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And in just about every single survival situation that you could possibly think of. I gotta hand it to Les Stroud, he is a man of adventure and of persistence, and he does what it takes to survive and thrive when he is lost in the wilderness. I have no doubt that this man could survive on another freaking planet given the education and knowledge about the vegetation of the area and given a space suit, and I could totally see him doing a Survivorman Episode on planet Mars if he was a little bit younger, but I digress. And so, here are a few things I’ve learned about nature from Survivorman.

What I’ve learned from the Show in My Les Stroud Survivorman Review

So, a few key takeaways that I’ve gotten from the show that are actually pretty good life advice include the following. First off, the will to survive is the most powerful thing in a survival situation, in that without this, you will never make it. It is cold, it is hot, it is boring and it is extremely painful. You’ve got to have the will to survive and to push through all circumstances, and while I’m not bragging by any means that I would have half the strength that this man has in these situations, it is inspirational that this show is really a test of human willpower and of how far you can take yourself and how well you can prepare yourself against the forces of nature. He also talks about how, aside from water, the first thing that you can get yourself to give you a confidence boost in a survival situation, is a fire. Because once you have a fire, you have the following:

  1. Heat
  2. A Weapon
  3. protection from bugs and other animals (the fire literally makes the bugs run away)
  4. A way to cook food
  5. A way to boil unclean water
  6. Light in the pitch black of the night
  7. A way to warm up, fight fungus, dry off, etc.

Basically once you have a fire going in a survival situation, you are surviving not just existing, and your life is significantly better for it. Will power, fire, and a deep knowledge of everything from the environment, navigation, wilderness survival skills, shooting, animals, plants, cooking food, boiling water, etc. can help you out a ton in a survival situation. 

The Powers of Willpower, Knowledge and Fire, The Most Important Things in My Les Stroud Survivorman Review

Another thing that I’ve learned from watching this show, is that you can almost always better the odds and better your situation in some way or another. In the show, Les is always doing whatever is possible to improve his situation, always taking risks and sometimes even moving away from fire and a shelter to better the odds of getting to lower ground, a freshwater stream, etc. etc. In survival situations, it is about doing what it takes to survive, and about bettering the odds. 

Final Thoughts on My Les Stroud Survivorman Review, Why I Highly Recommend The Show

What do you think of the show Survivorman? I personally would highly recommend the show, and definitely have seen just about every single episode. It can be very motivating and education if you’re feeling bored or in a rut, and the few things that I’ve gotten from the show, include preparation, going on the offensive, always working, and always having a will to survive. Not necessarily bad life lessons in my opinion. Stay tuned and subscribe for more business blog posts!








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