Why Does Time Feel Like It is Speeding Up as we Get Older, And Why I Now Finally Get What My Grandparents Meant When They Said This

In this blog post, I take a break from my hardcore finance ramblings, and discuss why I feel that time is definitely starting to go much faster as I age, even if I am still only sitting pretty at the ripe old age of 25 here. I never really experienced this phenomenon much until actually this year really. Every single other period of my life, being in college, which felt like literally 1000 years, starting my first job, which felt like 100 years, getting fired from my first job and being unemployed, which again felt like another 2000 years (even though it was just shy of 6 months from job to job) and then starting my new current job in banking, all felt like a really long time. I did notice however, that this year in particular, 2020, both felt like a million years and flew by really really fast at the exact same time. It’s funny because looking back in May I would’ve told you that this year had already lasted 9 years, but now the fact that this entire year has blown by feels crazy in retrospect, and I’m looking forward to another one flying by in 2021! And so, in this blog post, I’ll answer the question of why does time feel like it is speeding up as we get older, and some things that you can do to both perpetuate and slow down this phenomena.

Some major reasons why time may feel its speeding up as you get older:

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You are subscribed to inflationhedging.comWhy Does Time Feel Like It is Speeding Up as We Get Older?

You have been reading too many fiction books

You are stuck in the same old routine

You aren’t doing anything scary enough or challenging enough

Things are going well

You are stuck in a rut

things have become too routine

You are getting older and this is natural


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Why Does Time Feel Like It Is Speeding Up as We Get Older?

So, from what many scientists have seen, time basically seems like it is going by faster as you get older because it is less time relative to how long you’ve been alive, and because as we get older we tend to get stuck in the same old routine over and over again. For the most part, as you age, you can feel that the clock is working against you, and I can already feel this starting to begin in my own life, as as much as 2020 has been a year that has dragged like a snail at certain times, in hindsight, the year has really flown by, in that I got in a routine at the office that has dragged on again and again in a seemingly unending fashion. The year has had many pros and cons and ups and downs for me, and overall, in hindsight, I guess I wouldn’t change a thing. With this being said, it was due to this year that I finally get what my parents and grandparents meant when they said that time really starts to fly by as you get older, and when they said that the days just start to fly by, the weeks fly by, and the years just fly.

How To Slow Down Time, Perception Wise

I remember something being said by an old man at a dinner once that really stuck with me, when I mentioned something about 6 months flying by and dragging at the same time, he said something along the lines of “it feels like a long time while you’re in it, but afterwards you realize that it really flew by.” And this is the gosh darn truth, this is really the first year that has made me realize my own mortality, in that at the age of 25, I can really see how 30 is starting to creep up in the rear view mirror, with being a 35 year old as something that doesn’t seem so far off to me anymore. What I am going to try to do in the year 2020, is to try to slow down my own perception of time, and to try to minimize time wasting to quite a serious degree, meaning no more youtube videos, no more snack breaks, no more texting etc. Will post back how this goes.

Final Thoughts on Why Time Feels Like It Is Going by Rapidly As We Get Older

So there you have it, why I feel like time is flying by as I get older, and what I plan on doing in order to try to slow down this phenomenon as my 2021 New Years Resolution. What do you think about this phenomenon and do you see it happening regularly in your own life? Leave a comment down below and let us know.




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