Charcoal Toothpaste Walmart Prices, What are the Benefits of Activated Charcoal Toothpaste, And Walmart vs Target Toothpaste Prices

So, if you’re one of our regular readers or subscribers, you may be wondering why I’m writing a blog post titled Charcoal Toothpaste Walmart Prices, and why I’m writing about Toothpaste on what is primarily a Finance blog (I usually write at least about business shows, or review business characters, or talk about finance, accounting, indexes, taxes or law.) Well to put it quite bluntly, I am probably going to need to schedule a dentist appointment here fairly shortly because I feel like I have a cavity (it is kind of annoying to eat ice cream right now to say the least) and I think that Charcoal Toothpaste has become something of a niche market in the internet world that might be easy to gain some extra traffic in in certain niche markets on the web right now, and so….I’m giving writing some toothpaste articles a shot. I also want to take the time in this blog post to talk about some of the finances of brushing your teeth and about having a good dental plan, as well as the different insurance benefits that are good for this such as a Health Savings account. And so, once again without further ado, lets get into the benefits and costs of Charcoal Toothpaste, whether or not this is really worth it, and how you can purchase this at Walmart.

Other stores you can likely purchase this at include the below:

WalmartCharcoal Toothpaste Walmart Prices




Rite Aid



Whole Foods (whole foods would definitely have this)

Cracker Barrel, yes this is true

Fishers Foods



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And a host of other stores, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

Read Up on Charcoal Toothpaste Walmart Prices, How Much Can I Buy Charcoal Toothpaste For

So generally, if you are able to find Charcoal Toothpaste at Walmart, especially if its on the shelf with or without a sale, the price ranges are typically going to go for something like $6 per tube that will last you about 1-2 months depending on how often you use it and how diligently you brush your teeth with it. It has a much different feel than something like regular Colgate toothpaste does, and typically will leave some black stains on your teeth until you rinse with water. The gist of why Charcoal toothpaste is so expensive is that it is meant to make your teeth WHITER, not stronger, but WHITER over time, it is more of a vanity play than any sort of health benefit, and while I can tell you that if you use this daily or even bi-weekly as a supplement for your normal teeth brushing, or as a replacement (as per my dentist, flossing is about 70% of your dental hygiene anyways, so you could totally replace your Colgate toothpaste with this) then you will definitely see improvements in your teeth whitening abilities. Just be sure to never skip out on flossing and you’ll have a perfect mouth for a long long time!

Charcoal Toothpaste Prices at Target or Publix, Target vs Walmart Regarding Toothpaste Prices

Typical prices from the above mentioned stores are going to be as follows:

CVS – $8

Walmart – $5

Publix – $7

Target – $6.50

As per how things typically go here, CVS has the most expensive prices, with Publix in second place, and Target being only seconded to WALMART and their $5.99 hard bargain on activated charcoal toothpaste, so yes….as with everything else, Walmart has the lowest prices on Activated Charcoal toothpaste.

Final Thoughts on The Finances of Toothpaste, And On Charcoal Toothpaste Walmart Price Ranges

What do you think of Charcoal toothpaste and have you ever tried it before? I have just started using the stuff for about the past month or so at a dentists recommendation, and I can tell you from experience that is definitely WORKS, but only for teeth whitening like it was made for, and not so much for cavity prevention. For more information, be sure to comment down below and subscribe.







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