Spidey vs Monster Ock, Review of Spiderman 1 from 1999 Play Station 1

Completely random blog post here, but just had to do it, as I’ve been playing Spiderman 1 from my 1999 Play Station 1 console and have become absolutely obsessed with the Spidey vs Monster Ock level of the game, somehow, it just seems to be a metaphor for 2020. In all seriousness though, I am really becoming addicted to this video game, and am trying to see if this keyword can rank on Bing and Google in a way that will generate some meaningful traffic, if it works, there may be some more posts like this to come, sorry Finance junkies, some Spiderman is coming to town on our blog! And so, in this blog post, I’ll talk about the Spiderman 1 video game, and how to beat the Monster Ock level without cheating.

My favorite levels in order in the Spiderman 1999 PS1 game include the following:

  1. Spidey vs Monster OckSpidey vs Monster Ock
  2. Spidey vs Carnage
  3. Spidey vs Venom Again
  4. Spidey vs Venom
  5. Spidey vs Rhino
  6. Spidey vs Scorpion
  7. Race to the Bugle
  8. Spidey vs Dock Ock
  9. Get to the Bank
  10. Building Top Chase
  11. Stopping the Fog
  12. Tunnel Crawl
  13. Underwater Trench
  14. Waterfront Warehouse

And a host of other levels in the game, I’ll include the full gameplay list at a later point in this blog post.

Why I Like The Spidey vs Monster Ock level as my favorite in the game!

So, the “Spidey vs Monster-Ock!” level has got to be by far and away, my favorite level in the Spiderman 2000 video game, in that it is really the only level that is super entertaining, it is really fun to play, it is the hardest and the best boss fight, and it really does challenge your skills as a gamer. Whether its on the PS1 or you are playing this on your PC, which is how I’ve been playing it these days, it is kind’ve scary as Monster Ock gets closer and closer to you, and it is very satisfying when you beat Monster Ock and beat the game, as it is the finale and gives you the really cool finale cut scene where you get out of the underwater trenches. I actually liken this level to 2020 a little bit, in that it seems like it is going faster and slower at the same time as we close out 2020, and Spiderman running from monster ock of this game is basically how I’m viewing my last full work week of 2020, call me crazy.

Beating Monster Ock

In this game, you beat Monster Ock by running and web slinging as fast as you can away from monster Ock, since he is basically unstoppable, and making it to the first floor and the surface of the underwater trench building. You basically make it to the surface and survive, while the tearing up of the building neutralizes and stops Monster Ock. A very cool finale indeed, especially since the problem turned out to be the solution, the fire got rid of the symbiote and neutralized Doc Ock, carrying he and Spiderman both to safety.

Full Level Select in the Game

As promised, here’s what the full Level Select list looks like in this awesome Spiderman PS 1 2000 game:

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1. Get to the Bank

2. Bank Approach



5. Race to the Bugle

6. Spidey vs. Scorpion!

7. Police Chopper Chase


9. Building Top Chase

10. Scale the Girders


12. Spidey vs. Rhino!

13. Catch Venom

14. Spidey vs. Venom!

15. Sewer Entrance

16. Sewer Cavern

17. Subway

18. Sewage Plant

19. Hidden Switches

20. Tunnel Crawl

21. Venom’s Puzzle

22. The Lizard’s Maze

23. Spidey vs. Venom Again!

24. Symbiotes Infest Bugle

25. Elevator Descent

26. Stop the Presses!

27. Bugle’s Basement

28. Spidey vs. Mysterio!

29. Waterfront Warehouse

30. Underwater Trench

31. Stopping the Fog

32. Spidey vs. Doc Ock!

33. Spidey vs. Carnage!

34. Spidey vs. Monster-Ock!

Feels like a lot longer of a game from start to finish, but alas this is pretty much how it goes in this game!

Final Thoughts on the Spidey vs Monster-Ock! Level, How to Beat the Game

And so, to close out this blog post, I would highly recommend playing this game on either the PS1 or the PC if you are a hardcore Spiderman fan, a hard core gamer, or if you are just bored out of your dang mind while being quarantined due to the pandemic, which is basically why I’ve been playing it so much this year. What do you think the Spiderman 2000 game from 1999 on the Play Station 1, leave a comment and let us know.




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