Jordan Peterson Dominance Hierarchy, My Thoughts on What The Dominance Hierarchy Means

My Jordan Peterson Dominance Hierarchy blog post will discuss why the dominance hierarchy is so important in life, and how it affects health, mood, depression, mating opportunities, energy levels, productivity, access to resources, friend circle etc. Basically, what Jordan Peterson says, and I totally agree with him on this, is that basically life is a pareto distribution, and the winner men get everything, while the loser men get nothing. And so, without further ado, this blog post will look at the dominance hierarchy, how you can climb the dominance hierarchy, and what the ideal psychological traits typically are for making money. For more information, be sure to comment down below with any questions, and to subscribe to our blog for regular content!

Some other major topics that Jordan Peterson talks about include:


Jordan Peterson Dominance HierarchyCareer


Finding meaning in your life


Religion and Biblical Stories

Dream Analysis






Psychological Literature

Psychology research

Green Mythology


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And a host of other topics. I’m thinking about starting to write about these topics more and more on my blog, as finance is kind of starting to get stale to write about, and these seem to be a little bit more interesting, so will give it a shot.

Jordan Peterson Dominance Hierarchy, His Set of Rules and the Big 5 For How to Climb the Dominance Hierarchy

One of my favorite videos about Jordan Peterson talking about the Dominance Hierarchy is when Jordan reviews animals of other species, and explains how every single form of life lives in dominance hierarchies. One funny thing he says is “song birds live in dominance hierarchies, you hear them sing in the spring, its all pretty, IT’S NOT, it’s them saying I’m healthy and I’m loud, and this is my tree, and if you come near me, I’ll peck ya to death.” He also discusses how the dominance hierarchy increases your ability to find mates (more money and a better job = you will be getting laid more, makes sense since women carefully pick their mates based on who will provide the best offspring for them.) It also makes your children healthier, it makes you live longer, gives you better health and more access to resources, and less depression and anxiety, etc. etc. Overall, the higher you are up the dominance hierarchy, the better off you are, by a LOT.

Why I’ll Be Writing About More Jordan Peterson Topics, Such as Religion and Greek Mythology

Jordan Peterson talks about a lot of different topics, such as the dominance hierarchy, analyzing religions, productivity lectures, psychology, Greek Mythology, analyzing movies, etc. Jordan Peterson talks about brain function and IQ as well, and also goes into things like politics and gender studies. Jordan Peterson has such a vast array of knowledge about tons of different subjects and is able to combine all of these together so effectively that it makes watching him speak a sight to behold, in the future, I’ll be covering many more Jordan Peterson topics like this one.

Final Thoughts on The Jordan Peterson Dominance Hierarchy Lectures, My Take

My take on Jordan Peterson, is that he is a really awesome guy and that it has been a pleasure to listen to him speak these past few years. I wish him and his family well with regards to all of the illnesses that him, his wife and his daughter have all been dealing with. It is amazing that Jordan, his wife and his daughter have had horrible illnesses for their entire lifetimes, yet have found a way to have massively meaningful lives and careers and to remain extremely productive in spite of this, my heart goes out to them. For more information, comment down below and remember to subscribe.








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