The Future Authoring Program Review, Jordan Peterson’s Master Plan for Your Life

In this blog post, I am giving a full fledged the future authoring program review of Jordan Peterson’s future authoring program, the best way for you to set up an accurate plan for your life. Basically, the future authoring program is that you write out 2 futures for yourself, commit them to memory, and paste them on the wall. You write yourself a little heaven to run towards, and a little hell to run away from, which is essentially Jordan Peterson’s model of setting up a behavioral pattern so that you can actually have the mental fortitude to push through and achieve your goals. Jordan Peterson says to basically write out what would happen if in five years, your bad habits and inadequacies get completely out of control, and you end up in the worst possible place imaginable as a consequence. He also says to write out what would happen if you got your act together, you work super hard, you do what it takes to make good friendships, and get up early every single day and eat breakfast and nurture your crafts and specialization and work hard in your job etc. What your life would like then, I really like this exercise, and in this blog post I’ll be writing up my own personal future authoring program.

What my future authoring program will look like:

What happens if your habits get out of controlThe Future Authoring Program Review

What happens if your good habits take control

Working hard

working long hours

staying away from temptations

Taking action more than inaction

Taking risks where possible

Covering your bases where possible

And a host of other factors, read on and I’ll give you a full sample of what my heavens and hells look like in five years based on how my habits are.

What My Heaven Looks like in 5 Years, The Best Possible Scenario

So basically, here’s my best possible scenario in 5 years from now. It’s basically me, keeping my current job in banking and continuing to climb the ranks, which if done perfectly, and this will take an uncanny amount of discipline and luck to pull off in my opinion, could possibly lead me to a $100,000 per year salary. If I also keep hammering away on this website, I think a 5 year goal of making $1,000 per month from this website, as well as having a stock portfolio and cash savings of around $100,000 to $150,000, between my liquid savings, investments and 401K, is not impossible, though very difficult to pull off. On top of this, I should be able to pull off a massively good resume, consisting of banking licenses like the Series 7, 66, 2-15, being a Notary Public (already am one), The Series 9 and 10, and The Series 24 License. Combine that with a large amount of financial certifications, which should leave my title on my resume looking something like:


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Which would be a pretty darn good amount of letters next to your name, and makes your resume stand out a little bit. On top of this, I think it is possible to get significantly better social skills and negotiating skills in that span of time, and to start attending toastmasters frequently (once Coronavirus is over and they are open.) My plan is also to go for an accounting degree, and to take the CPA exam so that were to something to happen to my banking job, that I would be able to pivot to a job that allows me to become a CPA inside of 1 year, not a bad exit strategy and I’d be able to hold that position for 3 years, which would definitely leave me feeling comfortable in a win win situation, where I either make $110,000 per year for 3 years, or I make 60,000 a year but come out of it a CPA, which would make my resume and human capital incredible.

Couple this with possibly a long term relationship (I’ve yet to really have one lasting more than a few months and it’s definitely still on my bucket list…) and maybe a weekly exercise routine, and this is the best possible realistic scenario that I can see for my life in 5 years. Like I said, its the peak, it isn’t getting any better than that with the current track I’m on, and pulling this off will really take an uncanny amount of discipline, willpower, working hours, sacrifice, and all of the above, I’ll post back and see how we’re looking when I’m 30.

What My Hell Will Look Like in 5 Years, The Worst Possible Scenario

Now a much grimmer situation would be my own personal hell, which is basically if my bad habits like letting depression get the better of me, eating too much junk food, sleeping in too late, getting laid off, my finances getting out of control or getting me into credit card debt again, as well as my health taking a decline due to bad eating habits and a lack of structure and exercise, could really spiral me into a bad position by the time I hit 30. I am currently busting my add to stay away from this version of the future with every breath in my body, and at this current moment I am closer to the above scenario than to this, but a lot can happen in five years, so we will see what happens.

The Middle Ground Between The Two, What Life Might Look Like in 5 Years

This is probably the most realistic scenario, and it involves a few things happening. Maybe I go all in on my career to try and fulfill option one and it drives friends away, and maybe the long term relationship does not happen. Maybe there is a layoff but I bounce back to another job within 6-12 months and end up with only $50,000 or so in savings by the time I hit 30, which is still not bad. Maybe this website never gets much more traffic than it has right now and we end up selling it for like $2,000, and maybe the banking job is so busy or I have not enough money to really ever try for my CPA license, these are all very realistic scenarios, but I think even then I should be able to use some of my current momentum to keep my notary stamp, keep my securities licenses, stay gainfully employed, and save some money all at the same time. This is not the ideal scenario, but there is still a bright future from here, so it is still the middle ground.

Final Thoughts on The Future Authoring Program Review by Jordan Peterson, My Thoughts

So that’s the gist of the future authoring program, your hell to run away from and your heaven to run towards. It works because the heaven scenario definitely is very motivating, while the hell scenario is horribly frightening and gets your wheels moving in a way that pushes you to your limit. I will leave you with one other piece of Jordan Peterson advice also in this blog post, which is that you should aim for 1% improvement every single day, and that you should compare yourself to you yesterday, and not to someone else. Nuff said. I hope you enjoyed the Future authoring program review Jordan Peterson post, and for more information, comment down below and remember to subscribe.








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