Think and Grow Rich Review, My Review and Breakdown of This Awesome Book

You can tell whether or not a book is good by how prominent the book is over a long span of time, and I think that the book Think and Grow Rich has really become something that has been immortalized in the world of business, finance, life and behavior, and that it is quite frankly one of the greatest behavioral psychology books ever written.

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In this blog post, we’ll go over all twelve chapters of the book Think and Grow Rich, and will review which chapters I think are good, vs which chapters are complete hogwash and which can be largely ignored. I will give this book credit for one thing, it captures the behavior and the psychology of human beings to a tee, and really makes a great literary and motivational book overall, and while it’s not as good or realistic as something like the Prince or the Art of War, it is still a decent success book. There are fifteen chapters in the Book Think and Grow Rich, and in this blog post, I’ll seek to go through all of them, practically line by line, with each as a subheading, stay tuned, this is going to be a very long blog post, probably hovering in the 3000-5000 words range.

The fifteen chapters in the book Think and Grow Rich, include the following:

  1. Chapter 1 – Thoughts Are Things
  2. Chapter 2 – Desire
  3. Chapter 3 – Faith
  4. Chapter 4 – Autosuggestion
  5. Chapter 5 – Specialized Knowledge
  6. Chapter 6 – Imagination
  7. Chapter 7 – Organized Planning
  8. Chapter 8 – Decision
  9. Chapter 9 – Persistence
  10. Chapter 10 – Power of The Mastermind
  11. Chapter 11 – The Mystery of Sex Transmutation
  12. Chapter 12 – The Subconscious Mind
  13. Chapter 13 – The Brain
  14. Chapter 14 – The Sixth Sense
  15. Chapter 15 – The Six Ghosts of Fear

My Think and Grow Rich Review of Chapter 1 – Thoughts Are Things, Decent Intro But Mainly Hogwash

In this chapter of the book, Napoleon Hill basically just talks about how your thoughts manifest themselves in the world, and for you to be sure to watch out for what you think. In all honesty I don’t think that this is the case, maybe on a slight scale, in that how you think determines your behavior somewhat which somewhat determines your course of action, but things like energy levels, Think and Grow Rich Reviewpersonality type, and the like are some of the main things that really determine your behavior here.

Think and Grow Rich Review of Chapter 2 – Desire, A Decent Chapter You Can Learn A Little Bit From

In this chapter, we talk about the importance of desire, and of how having a burning desire to achieve your goals is one of the most important factors in you being successful. I can attest to this to some degree, in that without passion, without going all in on your goals, and quite frankly without becoming interested in a subject, you can never succeed in it at the highest level, nuff said.

Think and Grow Rich Chapter 3 Review, Faith – Half Hogwash and Half Useful

While some of the chapter on faith is a little out there, there is some truth in it. It is not talking about faith in the way of religion, but more about having faith in yourself, that you can achieve whatever if is that you set out to. An example of this is say you are sitting for the CPA exam, you can surely be pessimistic and joke around before taking the test, but you need to certainly have faith in yourself that you are able to pass the exam before going in, otherwise you will just psych yourself out and fail before you even begin.

Think and Grow Rich Chapter 4 Review, Autosuggestion – Worth Reading as a Meditation Exercise

This is again, talking about meditating on your goals and believing in yourself, you can largely pass this one.

Think and Grow Rich Chapter 5 Review – Highly Useful, Specialized Knowledge

In this chapter Napoleon Hill talks about the importance of having specialized knowledge vs being a generalist, in that being a Jack of All Trades and dabbling as a Dilatant is often not the way to go. However, I’d like to add to this the Tim Ferris method of being a specialized generalist, ie. melding two big skills together that are not often mixed together in order to move up the hierarchy, an example is Computer Science and Law, or High level Finance and public speaking. I personally have something going in that I am mixing Wealth Management + Tax + Accounting + SEO as kind of my way of standing out in my field a little bit and boosting my income, I have also gone to great lengths to boost my resume such as becoming a Notary, working on becoming an Enrolled Agent, getting licensed in multiple states and doing everything possible to get as many FINRA licenses as possible, and much more.

Chapter 6, Imagination, Complete Hogwash

In this chapter he talks about the importance of imagination and being creative, etc. The one thing Hill got wrong I think is him placing too much importance on creativity, albeit he did get a lot of things right in this book.

Chapter 7 Organized Planning – Useful

This chapter talks about the importance of having a plan, and adjusting it as you move forward, decently useful here.

My Think and Grow Rich Review of Chapter 8, Organized Planning, Very Useful

Think I duplicated a chapter on this one but ditto.

My Think and Grow Rich Review of Chapter 9, EXTREMELY Useful

Chapter 9 in Think and Grow Rich Talks about Persistence, which I think is probably the most useful chapter of the book here. In this chapter, Hill talks about pushing through as much as possible and not giving up even in the face of certain defeat. This is often times just about the only skill you have in life, and I have personally experienced that above all, good old persistence and perseverance is what gets you through the toughest of times and into the newest of times, I can attest that this is surely the most important part of the group.

Think and Grow Rich Review Chapter 10, Mastermind Groups, Decently Useful

It is definitely very important to cultivate good relationships with people who want the best for you, in that without this you will start to pickup negative traits from your environment, and that with it you will pick up positive elements. This is a spin of Jordan Peterson’s “make friends with people who want the best for you.”

Chapter 11, Sexual Transmutation – Extremely Useful

This is another extremely useful chapter I feel, especially in today’s age of NoFap and Porn abuse by aspiring young men. I think that specifically the pornography industry has crippled young men’s ability to either use their sex drive to find love or to create something huge in the universe, to instead using it for an impulsive pleasure on a screen, do not waste your seed, your most powerful life force energy at a whim, be sure to conserve it whenever possible for when it is needed.

Chapter 12, The Brain – Extremely Useful

This basically talks about how your environment programs your brain, and of how your brain is constantly learning from and picking up signals from your environment and from those around you. What I got from this is that your brain takes in what you feed it, so have a good environment, good people, good work ethic, and try to learn from adversity as much as possible.

Chapter 13 – The Sixth Sense – Useless

This was basically some hogwash crap, I would totally ignore this one.

Chapter 14 – Outwitting the Six Ghosts of Fear – Very Useful

This is a very useful chapter and I have personally used this a lot in my own life, namely when I’m in a tough situation or when I’m taking on a strong endeavor like going skydiving etc. In this chapter, Hill says things like the fear of criticism and the fear of death or the fear of poverty and the fear of loss of love of someone can severely hold you back, I would use these fears to move you forward rather than to stop you moving forward.

Final Thoughts on My Think and Grow Rich Review, What Did You Think of the Book?

Overall, I really liked the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, but maybe you’ll have a different opinion of this great writing than I will. What did you think of the book? Leave a comment down below and let us know and remember to subscribe!







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