Why Everyone Should Fly a Plane At Least Once in Their Life, And Why I Just Flew a Cessna 172 Plane for My Discovery Flight!

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In this blog post, I’ll be talking about my discovery flight, my first flight on my journey towards being a pilot, and why I am fully convinced that I will one day become a private pilot because of my awesome experience on my discovery flight, many thanks to Katie, she was an awesome flight instructor and has firmly make me fall in love with flying, my next flight lesson is going to be scheduled for next week! And so, in this blog post, I’m going to talk about why everyone should fly a plane at least once in their life, and of why I just flew a Cessna 172S for my discovery flight! For more information, be sure to comment down below and to subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

Other planes that I would like to fly at some point include the following:

Cessna 172Why Everyone Should Fly a Plane At Least Once

Cessna 172S

A Fighter Jet

An old timey military plane

A Boeing 747

A Gulfstream

A Boeing 757

Other jet planes from the airline hanger

And a host of other planes, I will post to this blog with my flight lessons as I have them!

Why Everyone Should Fly A Plane, And Why The Private Pilot’s License is a Great Career Supplement

So, having had several conversations about me getting into flying planes over the past week or so at my job in Wealth Management, I can say, without a doubt, that as a way to go on the offensive in your career, to make yourself seem extremely interesting, and to stir up conversations at the office and to have people see you in a different light, learning how to fly a plane is hands down an amazing move for your career. I have already noticed that friends, parents, and work colleagues have already started to see me in a different light after having taken just a single flight lesson.

If I were to become a pilot, and be able to take work colleagues up in the air, as well as be able to take friends, possible clients, dates etc. up in the air, I am realizing that it may start to have an extremely positive compounding effect. For the $12,000 to $15,000 that it takes to get your Private Pilot license, it is definitely well worth the money to have this is a marketable skill, there is also a career track at the forefront of it if you really wanted to try going that route, whether as a flight instructor, or with your ATP as you try to become a SouthWest airlines pilot.

How The Private Pilot’s License Will Help You in a 9 to 5 Job

So, a few things happen when you get your Private Pilots license that can have a really good compounding effect in the work place. For example, especially during remote work and when you first start at a new job, the question of “any plans for the weekend?” comes up a lot. And saying to your boss that you’re sleeping till 2pm and playing video games, or sitting around the house doing nothing all day, doesn’t exactly add a lot of life to your persona, and since optics matter, it’s not helping your job much to say that. Try saying that you are taking a flight lesson, or that you are piloting a Cessna to fly your girlfriend to lunch on Saturday, and boom, instant conversation starter among even the people highest up the ladder. Every work dinner, and every single cocktail party that you have to go to now becomes a breeding ground for your conversation about flying planes, and that’s….that’s pretty cool….just try not to brag too much.

How Getting Your Private Pilot’s License Can Help You With Remote Work

So, I’ve been working remote from my apartment for just over a month now, and I can tell you a few things that I’ve realized about this:

  1. I am way more productive in my job – No more conversations, no more disruptions, no more commutes, no more going out to lunch, no more water cooler conversations, etc. At the cost of social interaction, but very true nonetheless, I am at least 30 to 35% more productive day to day in the sheer volume of work I am able to accomplish. If I had a faster computer that would go up about another 20%, but that’s a conversation for another day.
  2. There is way less social interaction, and it can get very lonely at times – I am noticing that flying is semi keeping me sane in remote work, as it gets me out of the house, gets me talking to pilots all day and having an awesome experience of flying, rather than just sitting around the house drinking with the guys all weekend (I don’t drink but you get what I mean.) Aside from this, it is really a cool functional skill, and I can already tell that the pros of this far outweigh the negatives (expensive.)
  3. Flying can definitely keep you Happy During Remote Work – I am actually happier working from home than I was in the office, it is marginally less stressful not being face to face with your boss and being buried in administrative stuff, and the productivity boost and reduced cost (I am saving at least $400 per month not ordering lunch and commuting, hello 2 flight lessons per month!) On top of this, flying every week or every other week is definitely a heck of a lot more fun than dragging it into the office every single day, get some capital gains from your remote working lifestyle, and take up flight lessons!

Final Thoughts on Why Everyone Should Fly a Plane At Least Once In Their Life, And Why I Am in Love with Flying

And so, that’s why everyone should fly a plane at least once in their lifetime, I would highly recommend it, and if you like it, I think that it may definitely be worth the financial cost to have the added skill of being a Private Pilot and being able to fly a plane! Trust me, even if you spend $20,000 or $30,000 on this over a couple of years, you definitely will not regret becoming a pilot when you’re 80 years old and your sitting back in your rocking chair looking at your life, do it fellas!




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