My Second Flight Lesson, And Why I Can’t Wait to Tell You All About This!

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So, I did my second flight lesson about two weeks ago, and while it cost me $400 per hour, which not going to lie to you guys really hurt my wallet a little bit, and it was awesome, and actually well worth the money! And so, getting into the details of this story, here is what happened when I did my second flight lesson, which has now been two months (geez I can’t believe how fast that flew by now that I’m looking back.) Read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

So, in total honesty to you guys, I had kind of an aviation bug sometime in January, February and March of this year, a by-product of a roommate that had just moved in that was heavily into flight lessons at the time and of whom convinced me to give it a shot. In writing this, I would like to give my My Second Flight Lessontwo flight instructors from the Paragon flight school, Katie and George, a welcome round of applause for putting up with me and for teaching me how to fly a plane for a combined three hours of lessons, it was a truly awesome experience and if I had more money I would definitely do it again, but at $400 per hour…it’s a little out of the range at this moment!

My Second Flight Lesson, My Thoughts

So, what my second flight lesson looked like was an opening somewhat like the first one, the flight instructor walked me through the check flight list, showed me how to untie the plane from the ground, how to turn on your Taxi lights and how to go through and make sure that there was no dirt in the fuel, something that could hurt the fuel mix and make it so that the plane cannot generate thrust and push fuel into the engines any longer…probably something you don’t want to mess with when flying, so make sure you always check your oil quality!

A quick check flight and we were off the ground, we both checked our headsets, and the pilot said something along the lines of “November 17789 Juliet clear for departure.” Before someone in the tower responded and said “roger that Juliet, clear for departure.” Throw in an information Juliet request, whatever that means, and we were off the ground. Once in the air, the gist of my second flight lesson centered around pitch, power and trim. The pilot basically explained to me that when you increase your power, the plane naturally wants to fly up, and that when you reduce power, pitch naturally wants to go down. It was truly an amazing experience, and we kept changing from 1,000 feet up to 3,000 feet and back up to 2,000 feet, getting up to 4,000 feet and then with him showing me how to land the plane a the airport. A truly amazing experience, and I would highly recommend flying to everyone!



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