How to Write 1000 Blog Posts, Post # 268 And My Thoughts on Hitting Post Number 1000

In this blog post, I am answering the question of how to write 1000 blog posts, and will discuss why after one entire year of chipping away at this goal, that I am only about 27% of the way there. Yes that’s right, I have been trying to get a blog built up that has 1000 blog posts on it, this elusive number that has been avoiding me for a really long time now, thrown up for going on almost 8 years. In fact, I have been blogging in some form or another since I was just out of high school at the age of 18, and have probably set up somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 to 15 different websites, all which generated organic traffic, and all of which made at least some money. I always ended up getting frustrated with the niche and closing them down, or selling them because I received a paid offer (one has gone for as much as $35,000, with others going for $2500, $1,000, $1000, $1500, $100, and a host of others.)

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So I have definitely made a pretty penny off of these things so far; however, I’ve always quit before I got super far with them. This time, on the good old, even if it takes me 5 years or ten years (I’m thinking something like 30 or so months is more likely to hit this mark, only 18 months to go!) I will keep this website afloat until it hits this mark and beyond, once I hit 1000 blog posts, the next stretch goal is going to be 5,000, or really probably 10,000, which is another elusive number that I’ve always thought to have on a blog. And so, in this blog post, I’ll walk you through some of the goals that I have in mind and why the 1000 blog post numbers is so important to me.

I’ve Never Had a Four Digit Number of Posts Before

And so, as I sit here on my measly 268th blog post, which is not bad for only a year of writing actually (it averages out to around 1,000 words per day written for the past year, not too shabby at all considering this is about how much Steven King writes in a day) I realize that I have always looked at How to Write 1000 Blog Poststhe numbers of posts on my many previous websites, and that I have never been able to hit that coveted 1,000 blog post mark. It is a mark that really means that I persisted and hit an awesome accomplishment, and it means that this blog is probably the biggest that I have ever built yet, at least in terms of relative traffic, overall quality, and in terms of word count. This means I have written 1,000,000 words on my blog, which is the equivalent of about 15 to 20 full length novels…not too shabby at all.

How to Write 1000 Blog Posts, And Why 1000 Posts Means 1,000,000 Words

Getting to this amount of content also means that I have written 1,000,000 words on my blog. Think about that, try writing ten words or fifty words, or 300 words that make a lot of sense, it’s really really hard to write content at that volume. Even if its complete word vomit, like many of the posts on this website no doubt are, to write and SEO optimize that many blog posts is no mean feat indeed. It would also mean that we are getting somewhere along the lines of 1,000 visitors per day if my math is right, and that we are probably getting subscribers and affiliate offers, especially at the 30,000 visitors per month level. I have heard of magazine websites that quite literally are able to charge advertising sponsors thousands of dollars when they get that level of traffic>>and while I’m not saying that I’ll get there, it’s really cool that I could hit a number like that. To top it all off, when I hit that milestone, I already have the 1000th blog post planned, and I’ll come back and link the title to this post right here. The post title will be “How to Build An Authority Blog, My 1000 Blog Posts Special!” And I can’t wait to hit that and to then silo it, will report back once I do.

It Means Taking My Traffic and At Least 5-10X Factor Increasing It

So, if I am at about 268 blog posts right now, and since I’m better at keyword optimization now and my blog will have more domain age once this is ready to go, I’d say that I’ll be at around 5 times the amount of traffic that I’m hitting right now, which is around 6,000 visitors per month. Take that and turn it into 30,000 visitors per month, or around 1,000 visitors per day, which is kind of a hugely coveted number among bloggers, and you’ve got yourself an authority blog and an income source that you can most definitely scale.

It Is a Huge Accomplishment Milestone

Just thinking about the amount of ambition that it takes to hit 1,000 blog posts that are each around an average of 1,000 words a pop, really makes you think a little bit. Just on this blog alone, I have been writing around 1-2 hours per day for 400 days straight. In my entire blogging career, I have written something like 1-3 hours per day for the last 8 to 10 years straight. And unfortunately I only have about 268 posts and 300,000 words to show for it, the product of me shutting down, not wanting to pay for the hosting fees, and/or selling off my websites, in hindsight it got me to where I am at right now, so not necessarily a bad thing, but still, it’d be really cool to have some income sources lying around.

It Will Probably Mean Close to 10,000,000 Total Words Written over The Last 10 Years

The fact that once I hit 1000 posts on this blog, will mean that I’ve probably written somewhere close to 10,000,000 words over the past 10 years, is pretty crazy. Maybe it’s closer to 6,000,000, but man that’s a lot of words. That means in the last decade I will have written the equivalent of something like 100 to 200 full length novels between books, ebooks, blog posts, articles, papers, essays, writing people’s papers for money, taking writing classes, writing research papers, writing, writing and more writing. If there’s one thing for certain, I definitely love to write and I have something of a natural gift for writing pose, and while I am nowhere near Edgar Allen Powe or anything like that, I can write at probably graduate school level writing, and possibly top of the class grad school level writing.

It Can Scale From There And Means 10 Times As Much Profit From the Blog

So, if I hit 1000 blog posts, I know what will happen, I am going to want to add to the pile. And not only will I want to write more to add to the blog, but also will I want to start reinvesting profits, and will outsource some of my content. This will allow me to scale my website exponentially, going from 1,000 to 2,000 articles should be way easier than going from 0 to 1000, and so on and so forth. Hitting 10,000 and hitting a 10x multiple from my current 10x multiple stance could mean as much as 100 times the amount of traffic that I have right now, which would be amazing, because once you hit 10,000 unique visitors per day, you really are an authority in your field!

It Is Easier to Build a Silo Once you Have This Number

1,000 is a nice even number, and makes it easier to keep track of webbing a website silo architecture together than doing so when you have a random number, like 888, or 743 blog posts on the website.

I Will Have a Remarkable Content Edge Over My Google SERP Competitors

The one thing not too many of my competitors will have over me in the niche is sheer volume of content, and while it may not be as good of quality of writing or SEO, I can say for darn certain that it will be a LOT of articles and overall content. Which is a huge advantage, especially if it’s linked together properly…so that’s the goal with the blog, if I can’t outrank, at least write more and win that way!

Final Thoughts on How to Write 1,000 Blog Posts, And Why I’m Shooting for My Goal in 2022

So, my original New Year’s resolution was to hit this number by January 1, 2022, and while it could still happen, I would likely need to write somewhere in the neighborhood of 3.2 blog posts every single day to hit this number….which probably is a little too much to sustain. And so, I hope you all enjoyed this blog post and derive something useful from it, for more details and information, be sure to comment down below and to subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.







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