How to Get a Job As an SEO Specialist With No Experience?

In the coming months, once I get my CPA license and I get all this studying out of the way, I plan on spending all of my nights and weekends going full in on SEO again. For me this means acquiring additional websites to add to our growing portfolio revenue, it means working to write 8-10 articles per day on this website to scale our ad revenue, it means growing the other sites in our portfolio, like our Walking Dead Blog, our animal blog, our superhero blog and our growing social media pages, and it likely means leveraging my talents for something that will make me a bit more money, by doing freelance SEO on the weekends. In this blog post, I wanted to give you a quick outline of what I plan to do to get some freelance SEO revenue in the door, as well as how you can get started as an SEO freelancer and how you can put a portfolio together with little formal corporate experience to get yourself started. For more details and information on all things business and finance, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

Some top SEO Concepts We’ll Cover On This Blog Include the Following:

Building a silo architecture

web design

How To Get a Job As an SEO Specialist With No Experience?web development

writing code

building backlinks

How to use AI properly

How not to use AI

The top AI platforms to use for writing and for image design

When to scale up your social media following

How to write good content

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How to Get a Job As an SEO Specialist With No Experience, Here’s What I Plan to Do Once I’m a Licensed CPA And I Have My Weekends Back

I’m going to attempt to write this blog post in full and total honesty here, harder than you might think when you need to write 1500 words straight and it’s tempting to just fill up the page with content so you can publish, rank and be done with it. My full plan is to leverage the current website portfolio have, and also leverage my speaking skills and my knowledge of SEO in order to reap more cash flow from my skill than just writing articles for myself. What I am likely going to do is search “SEO jobs remote” on Google, and after tailoring a resume to my SEO skillset, including things like how I do my link building, how I scale Twitter Accounts, how I write and publish a high volume of articles quickly, monetization methods, and the whole shebang. I’ll also include links to each one of my websites, and probably a writing sample or link to a good blog post that I’ve written.

What to Do From Here

If I send out, say 30 or 50 of those resumes, I should start getting some phone calls and some emails. Once I get on the phone, I’ll ask the employer what they’re looking for, and I’ll also tell and show them exactly what I can do by having them quiz me on SEO strategies and by giving them SEO suggestions and showing off my knowledge. This is the one part where you may be able to get away without “formal work experience” in the field, but just like in any job you will need to know your shit! Here’s some topics I would brush up on beforehand

SEO strategy

Topical Authority

Link Building

Website Silo Architecture

Also if you’ve actually built your own site before you will come across as 1000 times more knowledgeable.

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