Jocko Willink Review, How Much Money Does Jocko Willink Make?

In this blog post, I am going to give you my full rundown of my Jokko Willink review, and I will talk about why I absolutely love his mindset, and of why I sometimes actually watch his videos when I’m feeling really stressed out at work or in my own personal life. Today, I’ll also answer the question of how much money does Jokko Willink make, because I think that his current financial and business positioning is very interesting, in that he is likely clearing upwards of $1,000,000.00 per year and likely has a net worth of $5,000,000.00 from his business ventures and his uncanny discipline, and I think that this speaks a lot to what you can accomplish if you are hyper disciplined in your own life. I chose to write about Jokko Willink today, because in full disclosure, I am feeling extremely stressed and a little bit overwhelmed in my job in wealth management, and sometimes when this happens (wealth management is often times a very stressful career field just because of the sheer volume of work that gets piled on you at times) I like to watch Jokko Willink. His mindset is basically, focus on what you can control, prioritize and execute what needs to be done as quickly as possible, and, most importantly, go on the offensive to get caught up. For more information, comment down below and remember to subscribe, more on my Jocko Willink review down below!

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My Jocko Willink Review, How Much Money Does Jokko Willink Make?

So, as this is a finance blog, lets look at how much money Jocko Willink likely makes from his military pension, his podcast, his books and speeches, his consulting company, his clothing company, and his various other businesses that he runs with his friends and training partners. In my estimation, I think that pre-tax he is probably bringing in something like $1,000,000.00 per year, giving him an annual income of about $700,000 per year for his personal expenses and saving/investing goals. I am assuming that his military pension is probably somewhere around $100,000 per year given his 20 years of military service and his high ranking in the military. On top of this, we can say he probably makes another $100,000 per year in book sales, $100,000 per year off of podcast ads, $500,000 from his other companies, and $500,000 from his consulting companies. Assume that around $200,000 from his book sales and podcast revenue is reinvested back into the business to let it scale and grow, as he is very offensively minded which is how he has been able to scale up to this point, and this would give him $1,000,000.00 per year in pre-tax gross profit. Given the TCJA for corporations and how it reduced taxes, as well as how the QBI deduction gives businesses a 20% deduction to their pre tax profit, he probably would end up paying about 30% in taxes, for take home pay of $500,000.00. Say his living expenses are $100,000 per year after food, workout materials, wife and kids, etc. more or less, and say that he is smart enough to take money and put it into investments and retirement accounts, and he could be banking away as much as $300,000 to $450,000 per year, not including dividends and capital gains! He definitely will hit the $10,000,000.00 net worth mark in his lifetime, if he hasn’t already!

The Jocko Willink Good Philosophy, and Why I Love His Mindset

I find Jocko Willink really inspiring and have actually been using some of his videos to motivate myself to get up early in the morning with great success. I’m noticing that the more you are able to force yourself to face the discomfort and do this in the morning, the more that you can attack and get things done, and the more you can be a stellar employee, business man, etc. And accomplish what you want to in life, obtaining discipline is definitely a long haul and a grinding marathon, but it surely pays dividends at scale!

Final Thoughts on My Jocko Willink Review, Why He is a Great Inspiration

And so, I think that Jocko Willink really shows an excellent display of character, and that he is an absolutely incredible figure to learn from. His mindset is bar none one of the best that I’ve ever seen with regards to discipline and pushing through problems. I have tried in my own life to start to emulate it, but the truth is that Jocko is Jocko and no one is even going to get close, he also has such a powerful military background that I won’t be able to fully emulate this in my own life, but I think that a lot of his life principles are very applicable to business. What do you think of Jocko Willink? Leave a comment down below and subscribe to our blog for more details and information.






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