Think And Grow Rich Persistence, By Far My Favorite Chapter In The Book

The Think and Grow Rich Persistence chapter has been one that has stuck in my mind for quite some time, as I truly think that the way the author captured the phenomenon of how persistence in life works, is striking and amazing, and I have had many of the same things happen in my own life just the way he described them. For those of you reading this that may not have read the book yet, Napoleon Hill discusses how most men’s primary weakness in life is that they give up at the first sign of adversity, rather than continuing to push on with as much might as humanly possible, against all opposition, until they have achieved the subject of their goals.

As I sit here writing this short blurb of a blog post at 11PM on a Saturday night, waiting for my other persistence project, which is my CFP Certification, Think and Grow Rich Persistenceto open up its exam window at 11PM, I am reminded of the awesome power of persistence, and of some of the great things that it has done for me. I remember there were periods in my life that I found somewhat difficult, either due to lack of experience, bad luck, or both at the same time, that I was able to power through and weather the storm due to persistence.

Difficult college classes, illnesses, a drawn out period of unemployment, getting my first job in the finance world and maintaining it for 3 years, waiting 3 months to get on boarded to my dream job, I can site countless examples of persistence working in my life, and I credit this trait almost solely to what got me to where I am currently at. I have learned that, in some regard (and I believe it was a Navy seal instructor that said this so don’t quote me on it) the secret to life is to just keep going. Whether you want to build your business to a higher scale, or whether you need to pull yourself out of a bad living situation, or a scuffle at work, persistence cures just about all things, lets look at what Hill says about this in the book.

Among some of the other chapters in the book Think and Grow Rich Include the following:

Chapter 1 – Thoughts Are Things

Chapter 2 – Desire

Chapter 3 – Faith

Chapter 4 – Autosuggestion

Chapter 5 – Specialized Knowledge

Chapter 6 – Imagination

Chapter 7 – Organized Planning

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I won’t go over each and every chapter in this blog post, in so far as we have done that at length in an earlier post on the subject. What I will do however is discuss in detail the Think and Grow Rich Chapter on Persistence. Because in this book I think if you ignore literally every single other chapter in the book, that this is the one that could make the most difference in your life, fortune, and career. I have found this to be true in my own life and in the observation of others, the quote “Persistence is the quality in a man what carbon is to steel”. is so true in that if a man lacks persistence, then he will not achieve great success in any calling, you have to push as much as you can with sustained effort in order for fruit to blossom.

Why I Feel The Think and Grow Rich Persistence Chapter Is The Most Powerful Chapter In The Book

Out of all the other chapters in this book, this is the one that is the most logical, and the one that you can control the most. The basis of this chapter is basically to keep going, and to keep working and taking risks as long as you possibly can, pushing on against all odds. It is truly amazing how true and close to my own life that I find this chapter to be. Even with my failures on practicing Transmutation adequately (it is seriously too hard) and with maybe my organized planning and Mastermind Group not being as good as they could be at times (although they are definitely functional) persistence is the one thing that I have stuck with, maintaining a Wealth Management job for what is now 2 years straight, maintaining my studies in upper level academic finance for what is now 5 years, and being persistent in my pursuit of building a sustainable internet company for what is now nearly 10 years. It has been a serious struggle at times, but overall I have enjoyed moving forward and I have enjoyed the adventure, I can’t wait to see what another ten holds for my personal business interests.

Think And Grow Rich Persistence, My Absolute And Final Thoughts

And so, if you were going to rip a chapter out of this book and throw the rest of the pages in the trash, you will definitely find that the chapter on Persistence is going to be the pages that you want to keep from this book. It is the most important in the book, and it is the one that will lead you to your goals, even if you ignore all the rest, give it a read if you haven’t already. And as always, be sure to comment down below or to subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.







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