Why I Am Learning The Pilots Alphabet, A Possible New Journey Into the World of Flying

In this blog post, I’ll take a quick break from talking about finance incessantly like we typically do here, and will discuss why I took some time today to learn and memorize the pilots alphabet, a possible introduction into the world of becoming a pilot and of learning to fly a plane. This blog post, while somewhat off topic, actually strongly relates to business and finance, in that one of the biggest things that I think everyone should keep in mind for their own careers, and in life in general, is that it is very important to not over-specialize. In this blog post, I’ll walk through why I’m thinking of getting either my Sport Pilots or my Private Pilots license so that I can one day take my Tinder dates up on night flights with me, and/or use it to impress women and have a little fun on weekends! The Private Pilot’s license costs somewhere in the range of $10,000 to get, while the Sport Pilot’s license is doable for closer to like $4,000 to $6,000, depending on what type of instructor you get and how fast you can learn the operations. Read on for more information on why I’m seriously considering taking up a new hobby as an airplane pilot!

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The Pilot’s alphabet that I have been spending time learning and that I have now memorized, is below:







GolfPilots Alphabet




















Yes, I was actually able to memorize this with a few quick pneumonic, and it really only took me about a half an hour or so to have this fully memorized. So now when I go up into a plane one day, and I hear my instructor pilot saying something like “November Tango Foxtrot cleared for departure.” I’ll know that our plane is titled the NTF, and this is why we use that Pilot alphabet to convey this. I’ve also generated a small interest in learning more about how to fly, as well as bout the hydraulics and the mechanics of the plane, such as how the fuel works, and how the two levers work that allow you to fly the plane. I am a little concerned about the cost however, and am currently weighing the possibility between putting $25,000 in my 401K (would be really cool….but involves me staying home on weekends and being really boring) or using that $12,000 ($25K is with the match) and getting my Private Pilot’s license, and using it to have night flights with as many as 20 different dates/friends. This can all be done inside of a 2 year period for nothing more than the difference in rent between roommates and a single apartment….definitely something worth considering right now.

In terms of a life experience, becoming a pilot could definitely be worth it, but aside from just this, there could possibly a legitimate business purpose to this as well. People tend to want to hire, promote and work with people that are cool and interesting. If I added being a weekend pilot to

The Pilots Alphabet, and Why It Might be Worth it For Me to Take up Flying Lessons on the Weekends

So, as stated in the former, I’m seriously considering this. To the point where every time when I wake up in the morning, I don’t want to spend the money and would rather put the money in the 401K, but that when the day ends….and I spend my weekends just writing and reading, that I get more and more interested in spending my weekends taking flying lessons. Maybe in a few months once I get closer and closer to having a little more in my savings and a little bit more cash invested, I will give this a shot. But for now, I have a discovery flight getting scheduled probably sometime in mid-February once I go remote in my job, I am slightly excited and slightly nervous, but I think it could open up whole new doors for me, will report back with my experiences! Until next time, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.




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