Outwitting the Devil Review, My Review of the Greatest Psychology Book Ever Written

As far as profound psychology books go, I’d have to say that with regards to behavioral psychology, that Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill surely is one of the greatest, and belongs in the same category as other greats like Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. And while its not marketed as specifically a psychology book, I have gotten more advice about human behavior and about how we are creatures of habit in this book than I have in entire college-level psychology courses. This blog post will give my review of this awesome book, will talk about why I think it is a great book and how it helped me in my own life, of what the plot of the book is and what its chapters entail, and of how it is really a book about success and habit, and how habit needs to be properly integrated into your own life. Beware, this is a fundamental book in the self improvement world, and can really be life changing if you ingest it correctly, read on for more information and be sure to subscribe for additional details and information, and to stay tuned for my Outwitting the Devil Review.

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The major chapters in the book include the following:
  1. My First meeting with Andrew Carnegie
  2. A new world is revealed to me
  3. A strange interview with the Devil
  4. Drifting with the Devil
  5. The Confession Continues
  6. Hypnotic Rhythm
  7. Seeds of Fear
  8. Definiteness of Purpose
  9. Education and Religion
  10. Self-Discipline
  11. Learning from Adversity
  12. Environment, Time, Harmony and Caution

My Outwitting the Devil Review In a Nutshell, What The Book Stresses

As far as making money goes, this book is probably one of the best books ever written on the subject, in that it stresses solely the behaviors that align with making money, with almost none of the knowledge. Basically, Napolean Hill begins the book with him interviewing the Devil, whom he says is essentially the negative element of all things in the Universe, and that what we call “God” is better described as all of the positive energy in the universe. From here, he goes on to talk about how some of the major things to watch out for include sloth, drifting, a lack of a definite plan, inaction, be overly impetuous, and most of all, in falling into a bad stream of habits, and falling prey to a bad cycle of hypnotic rhythm. The point of the book where he starts interviewing the devil and talking about Hypnotic Rhythm, and how we are creatures of habit is where it really starts to cut deep. He mentions that if an individual has enough will power, that he or she should be able to pull themselves free of just about anything while they still can, but that once people get older, they get extremely set in their ways, and it becomes much harder for them to change their

  1. Outwitting the Devil Reviewbehavior on a whim. At this point, things like age, lack of energy, caution, and biased experience start to kick in, and it is just too hard to change their ways.

In order to confirm this opinion, think about that person that has been smoking for more than 30 years, it takes a life altering event like cancer in order to force them to have enough will power to quit. But a twenty something year old kid who is not fully in the grip of the devil yet, can very easily quit smoking (by comparison) especially given their natural youth and vitality that is assisting them in this endeavor. The chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken, sometimes it is necessary to take a risk and to push as hard as you possibly can in order to pull yourself out of your bad habits.

An Overall Point by Point Summary by Chapter, and What You Should Take from This Book

What I would take from this book is that you have a lot more power to change your own life than you might otherwise think, and that you can absolutely make enormous changes in your own life by exercising will power and by making sacrifices (such as drinking, smoking, bad friends, unstable relationships, etc.) that can alter your trajectory in a major major way by propelling you into a good hypnotic rhythm, and by creating momentum.

Final Thoughts on My Outwitting the Devil Review, and Why I Highly Recommend That Everyone Read This Book

Overall, I really like the book, it stresses things like habit, momentum, thinking freely, moving up the dominance hierarchy, and for you to always be attacking, and to always be “Outwitting the Devil,” and working to win in your own day to day life. What did you get from this masterpiece by Napolean Hill? Comment down below and let us know and be sure to subscribe.




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