What I Learned from Writing a Quarter of a Million Words on My Blog, My 250,000 Words Special!

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So, here’s what I learned from writing a quarter of a million words on my blog, that writing is really really hard work, and that it can be soul crushing at times, but that I really love blogging overall and that I’ll probably be at least dabbling in it for my entire life. I see most blogs that do posts like this always do it at the 1000 blog post mark, which we’ll totally do another one for that, or they do it at the 1,000,000 words mark, which we’ll definitely do one for that too, but for me, since I only just started this blog in mid April, I thought that it was somewhat appropriate to take a moment to reflect on how far this blog has come over the past 9 months.

For starters, this is going to be post number 231, and most of my posts are well over 1000 words, I have written 250,000 words which is 5 full length novels on this blog, and have done it all while working a full time job. Traffic wise, this blog is already getting in the range of about 2000 visitors per day, and my math is telling me that were I to start monetizing it right now, that I’d make as much as $100 to $200 per month, not too shabby for a nine month side project. This niche market, the market of finance blogging, is also one that as an SEO and as a blogger is notoriously difficult to rank for, and that is another reason why I’m so thrilled that we are now getting as many as 60+ visitors per day and are getting on average close to 100 pageviews per day, which is really cool to watch since again, nine months ago, we were just starting to get our first search engine views. For more information, be sure to comment and subscribe, more about our journey down below!

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And a host of other blog post, but these are our primary bread winners on this website so far. These probably account for about 70% of our overall traffic, or possibly more, with the top 2 being about half of our traffic on a daily basis. I’ve run about a dozen blogs before and this is pretty much how the layout always goes, I’ve had a blog getting 1000 visitors per day, and one blog post was about 60% of that traffic, and so that’s the breakdown.

What Writing 250,000 Words in 9 Months Has Taught Me

So I’ve actually learned a ton about both writing and SEO these past 9 months, and more specifically about blogging and the power of high quality content writing and of just on page SEO. On page SEO is something that I’m finding out is a very technical skill, and that while it is typically considered only about half the SEO ball game, that it is the total framework and that when combined with writing, that it is a very powerful skill that you can use. I’ve also kind of learned this year that SEO is a wide array of factors, including your social media presence, social signals, links from other blogs, your internal linking schema, content quality, your XML sitemap and whether or not Google can find your blog, whether or not you get a hit on something as a featured snippet or whether blog posts rank highly because their is low competition or you get picked up by a press release, as well as things like velocity, how often you post, and how fresh you are keeping your content.

Really I’m also learning that even if I’m never making money at this, that I love watching the traffic numbers scale and grow, and that I’m probably planning on doing SEO as a side hobby for a really really long time, I am already like 9 years strong into this obsession, and I really don’t see anything stopping the train anytime soon.

I’ve also learned that I can write a blog post a lot faster than I had thought, and have learned that cranking out a 700 or 800 word blog post can come as fast as 20 to 30 minutes if I’m in a good mood and it’s a topic that I actually want to write about, or in as long as 2 hours if I really want to go for a 3000 word post, or if I’m bored with the topic or just generally don’t know that much about it. I’m finding lately that tax and SEO blog posts are really letting me fly in terms of how fast I can write them, and I’m also finding that mixing up the post topics a little bit is helping me to really stave off boredom and to not give up on writing. Time will tell how far I am able to push it with this blog, but right now with 251,000+ words and 231 blog posts, I think that my end of year goal of 1,000,000 words and 1000 blog posts is right on its way!

A little pat on the back for myself also, all of the 1,000,000 word blog posts that I’m reading from other bloggers are saying that it took them ten years and 1255 blog posts to do this and yada yada yada, I got 25% of the way there in 9 months, and I am not more inspired and picking up the pace, so I think that I can definitely hit that word count and blog post number inside the next 11.2 months that we have remaining in the year, only 769 more blog posts to go, just over 2 blog posts per day will get me there on time!

Final Thoughts on What I Learned from Writing A Quarter of a Million Words on My Blog, And Why I Had Fun Writing This 250,000 Word Special

So, this is a post with some personal sentimental value to me and is something that I’ve been looking to write for a long time, I’ll do another one of these at the 500,000 word mark and the 750,000 word mark and again at the 1,000,000 word mark, and then after that probably not for a little while, maybe again at 2,000,000 words. I hope that this blog post and this blog can inspire someone else out there who is having trouble with blogging to just hunker down and keep on grinding, I have probably spent something in the range of 1000 hours just in the past 9 months alone working on this blog, which is a little sad but then I really had a fun time doing it and wouldn’t trade it for anything. As always, leave a comment down below with your thoughts and opinions on the article, and be sure to subscribe for weekly blog post updates. And so, that’s what I learned from writing a quarter of a million words on my blog, till next time, you heard it first right here at Inflation Hedging.com.




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