Gennady Limitless, Why I Love This Russian Mobster Character’s Role in the Film Limitless

In this blog post, I’ll be giving my full Gennady Limitless review, in that I really liked his character arc in the movie, and thought that he gave a really good antagonist and bad guy/villain role for Eddie Morra to rise about in the movie. Without Gennady actually, the film would’ve had a lot less “realistic” feeling to it, in that it would’ve pretty much been Eddie just in God mode on NZT the whole time, Gennady made for a powerful competitor for him for awhile, and just about won the game at the end there, but of course, like any good action thriller movie, our hero ended up the victor in the end. In this blog post, a recap of the movie Limitless, and a specific character review of Gennady from Limitless, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

Other characters in the film that we’ll be reviewing include:

Eddie Morra

GennadyGennady Limitless

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Carl Van Loon

Lindy (Abby Cornish) his girlfriend


Kevin, Eddie’s new Banker Fend


His Asian Hallmate

The Police Detective

And that’s pretty much it, not a whole lot of characters within the film, as Eddie moves up the dominance hierarchy so fast that he hops around between people quickly, but its a fun ride to say the least.

My Full Gennady Limitless Review, And Why I Thought He Was a Pretty Good Bad Guy

So, overall, some pretty notable scenes with Gennady in them, they are below:

The Scene with Eddie at the Diner – This is when Eddie kind of smooth talks him into giving him a loan for $100,000, which he then later turns into $2,300,000 in a span of 10 days (I’m in finance and that’s just hilarious.) It also doesn’t go into much detail on exactly how he took a $100,000 cash loan….deposited into a New York brokerage firm, and had it in the account within a day without raising suspicion…another hilarious feat. First off, I work in banking, and anyone that walks in with that much cash is basically thrown out the door, and if you get past this, there are so many reports filed with the IRS etc. Then your funds are most definitely going to be encumbered for a few days, and forget getting a margin account on an account with that much scrutiny….but I digress.

Giving Eddie the Loan Money – The part where he says “you don’t pay you know what we do? I cut you at waist, peel your skin up over your head and tie knot in it, you don’t die from this, you suffocate. Good Luck.” Was pretty good, even though a very gruesome image of the scene.

Attacking Eddie for Late Payment – We pretty much knew this was going to happen at some point, and our fears came to light when he attacks an off-NZT Eddie who is ill and going through withdrawal. It ends with him stealing a pill, and now Eddie has a new problem.

Nearly Crushing Eddie at the End of the Film – I thought this made for a good ending and showed Eddie’s triumph in a a decent way, as he beat his rival and went on to win the game of life.

Final Thoughts on My Gennady Limitless Review, What Did You Think of the Movie Limitless?

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