Limitless Leaving Netflix in July 2020, Where Can I Still Watch This Show?

Well its official, Limitless is likely gone for good. The show that I personally thought was really good, went out with a bang as it was announced “Limitless Leaving Netflix” by the company earlier this year. What started at CBS, was cancelled for a second season due to a grey area topic, and what was thought by many to be a really good show. Fast forward from CBS where the show Limitless was moved to Netflix, of which Netflix license to keep showing this TV series just stopped working in July. It looks like Netflix is no longer available on any websites where you can watch it currently, but subscribe to our blog for the workaround on this!

Other top shows include:

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And a host of other shows, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information. 

Limitless Leaving Netflix in July 2020, Why Limitless is to Leave Netflix, and Why You Should Watch it Anyways!

So, Limitless is leaving, Limitless season 1 that is, as they never made a Limitless season 2, nuff said on this. But how can you watch this show, both the clean way and the dirty way, so that you can still get your fix from Brian Finch and his Limitless NZT adventures. My top places that you can watch this show include the following:

Amazon – The most legitimate way to watch the show, Amazon Prime and just regular Amazon videos have this available. 


Couch tuner – One of the dirty ways

And that’s pretty much it. Netflix, HBO, Showtime, CBS, Cable Television, all do not have this, so you’ll have to go to one of the outlets listed above, let me know if you find any other avenues and I will add them to the post. 

Final Thoughts on Limitless Leaving Netflix and on a Possible Limitless Season 2, The Realities

All in all, the realities surrounding a Limitless comeback, either for Season 1 being replaced on some of these platforms, or for a possible Season 2, are pretty well as grim as they seem. Even with petitions, it will never come to pass, and we’re pretty much stuck with watching Season 1 replays on Amazon, so for now I guess we’ll have to live with that. For more information, comment and subscribe!







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