Benefits of Becoming a Notary Public In Banking, What are the Useful Perks of Being a Notary in the Field of Wealth Management or Investment Banking

If any of you are currently in the field of banking, and especially in the wealth management side of banking, I would highly encourage you to become a Notary public, which is very easy to do with just a few simple training courses, a 3 hour online course, a hundred bucks, and a few quick online articles that you can read so you know what you are doing when notarizing documents. I personally almost became a notary, and would say that I was 93% done with the certification for becoming a Notary Public, going as far as to take the 3 hour online course, set up documents, get my signature witnesses and get character references, and the like. The reason I did not go through with it however, was two fold. For one, with no one in the office right now for our firm, and with the same being true for most institutions right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to have one, and for a second reason, I actually think that given this current economy, that $100 is a heck of a lot more valuable than this stamp, especially if you won’t be using it! For more information, subscribe or comment down below for more information.

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Notary PublicThe perks of being a Notary can include:

A rare certification in banking

Increased legal knowledge

A bonus on your human capital

An additional skillset

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The Real Benefits of Becoming a Notary in Banking, Why It’s Worth More Than You Think

The real benefits of becoming a Notary Public in the field of Wealth Management, Retail banking or Investment banking, are that you can notarize your clients documents if you are a Financial Advisor, which allows you to add additional benefit to your clients. You can also charge people for notarizing documents for a fee, in the range of $10 per notarization, you will learn a lot, and you can use it to make yourself look good in the office.

Where the benefits of becoming a Notary Public really kick in though are in the magic of usefulness and office politics. If you are at a low to mid level position, such as a sales assistant, associate or assistant manager, you can really make yourself look good to the bigger monkeys in the office by helping them notarize their documents!

Final Thoughts on Becoming a Notary Public

With regards to becoming a Notary Public, overall it is a much undervalued certification to have, and I would highly recommend it if you want to have a long term, hyper-powered career in banking. Hopefully this gave you a glimpse of what it’s like to have a Notary stamp in banking and why it can be useful. It is midnight on a Thursday right now, and this on top of it being a fairly mind numbing subject at times, is making this a little bit of a difficult blog post to write, so I think I’m going to wrap this up here and hit the sack. Thanks again for reading, and be sure to comment and subscribe for more information!







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