What is the Routing Number for Fifth Third Bank?

What is the routing number for Fifth Third Bank? The primary routing number for this bank which can be used for ACH, EFT and Check-based money transfers is as stated below:


What is the Routing Number for Fifth Third Bank?Now with this being said, this is NOT the primary routing number for Fifth Third bank, as they do not appear to have a singular routing number that they use as primary, and instead they are broken up into regions. You can find their full routing number directory here. A quick list of some of their top locations and the subsequent routing numbers can be found below:

Central Florida – 063109935

North Florida – 063113057

South Florida – 067091719

Tampa Florida – 063103915

Georgia – 263190812

Chicago, Illinois – 071923909

Central Kentucky – 042101190

And much more. In a later blog post, I’ll be writing out a FULL directory of all Fifth Third routing number codes, and the same with other banks! New goal is to make this site THE source of banking information on the web, alongside other finance material.

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What Can This Routing Number Tell You?

In this case, the routing number for Fifth Third is going to give you a more specific number by city and region.

Why ABA Numbers are Public Information

Banks typically need public access to these to confirm wire and ACH instructions, and their back office compliance departments also use the public information you can find on Google (and so does their software) to pull routing codes and ensure accuracy. The banking system is slow enough as it is! They need every single bit of information and speed they can get their hands on to stay efficient.

Is There a Different Fed Wire Code for Fifth Third Bank?


Yes, you read that correctly. The bank with literally hundreds of different ACH codes and EFT routing numbers by region has its own, specific Fed Wire Reference Number. You will find that above, neatly formatted!

Final Thoughts On What Is The Routing Number for Fifth Third Bank, Why I Decided to Write This Blog Post

That’s all for Fifth Third, on to a new review on the Bank of America Routing Number.


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