What is the Routing Number for Truist Bank?

What is the Routing Number for Truist Bank? Since about a million other Finance blogs have been cashing in on the traffic from making public the routing numbers for banks, here goes nothing. The standard ACH routing number for Truist bank is below:


This information is fully public and you can find this confirmation at dozens of sites on the web! Banks are pretty standardized in their routing numbers, so that’s why this is public information. 

What Can You Do With This Routing Number?

What Is The Routing Number for Truist Bank?This is the typical routing number that you will find on your check with a Truist account. Truist was formed by a merger of BB&T and Suntrust, and has now since become Truist. I still have an account with them and have been a loyal customer for nearly a decade now!

Why Is The Routing Number Public Information?

My guess is that it is due to ease of access and information across banks. I personally Google this routing number multiple times per day at the Wealth Management firm that I currently work at. 

What Is The Fed Wire Routing Number for Truist Bank?


Typically, these numbers are going to be different so that banks can have an extra layer of security and more accurately determine which transaction is which. In the case of Truist however, a large multinational bank, the routing numbers would appear to be the same. 

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Why Is There a Different Routing Number for Wire Transfers With Truist?

With Truist there is not, but typically banks will split these up for security purposes. 

Final Thoughts On What Is The Routing Number for Truist Bank?

And there you have it! Once again the routing number for Truist is: 061000104. This looks to work for any wires or ACH transactions. 




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