What Is The Routing Number for Ally Bank? And Why Do Banks Share Routing Numbers Across Customers?

What is the routing number for Ally Bank?


Banks typically will use the same routing number for all of their customers. The routing number is basically telling a processor what the location of the branch or bank address is, from there it is routed to the correct account. And yes, this information is fully public and you can find this on about 1000 other websites. I just happen to be one of those sites that has learned that they can turn their blog into basically a directory for banking information!

What Can You Do With This Routing Number?

This routing number is basically just used to tell an external processor that it can route the funds in this direction. Routing numbers tell us the identity of the financial institution that we are sending funds to. And the reason there are sometimes different Fed Wire Routing numbers than ACH numbers, is because Fed Wire routing numbers simply clear through a completely different system, and sometimes even through other firms.

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Why Is The ABA Code Public?

It is simply the location and identity code of the bank, no more no less.

What About The Fed Wire Routing Number for Ally Bank?


It appears to be the same. As a fully online institution, this is fully believable that they would conjoin the two routing numbers rather than clearing through a separate Fed Wire routing number.

Final Thoughts On What Is The Routing Number for Ally Bank?

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