What Is The Routing Number for Chase Bank?

What Is The Routing Number for Chase Bank? The routing number for Chase Bank is below:


This is generally going to be the default routing number for the bank that you will see frequently used on most checks and most ACH transactions. Chase is a little different than other banks we’ve reviewed on this blog so far, such as Ally Bank and Truist Bank, as instead of using the same routing number for all customers, this is simply their primary routing number and they actually have a full list of different ACH routing numbers that they use by state. You will also find that Chase bank has a different Fed Wire routing Number, and that the number above will only work for ACH transfers and check writing, but not for wires.

What Can You Do With This Routing Number?

What Is The Routing Number for Chase Bank?This routing number is typically going to be used for all checks, ACH and EFT Transfers for Chase bank. You can use this for basic money movements, check writing, funds transfers if you need to send funds from Venmo or CashApp or Zelle, and much more.

Why Chase Makes Their ABA Codes Public

Chase makes their ABA codes public both because they have their standard routing number that is used above, and because they have additional routing numbers that they use which have different codes to them by state. For example, some of the most common Chase routing numbers by state include:

Alabama: 065400137

California: 322271627

Florida: 267084131

Georgia: 061092387

And additional routing codes for each state. These are essentially just branch codes or state codes, and you will find that the standard routing number listed above should also work for ACH or EFT purposes.

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What Is The Fed Wire Reference Number for Chase?

International Wire Transfers:  022300173

Wire Transfers Within the US: Use the default routing number of 021000021

I am actually finding it’s harder to locate Fed Wire routing numbers. At my current job as a banker we typically have to go through our back office to grab these codes, even though they are public as well, they must require some digging.

Final Thoughts On What Is The Routing Number for Chase Bank?

Chase and other banks will typically make their routing and ABA numbers public for speed and ease of use among wire transfers between banks. For example, a Truist Associate, Ally Associate, or Goldman banker isn’t going to want to search diligently every single time they need a routing number, so the combination of the info being public between banks and them internally having access to all routing numbers help speed this process along.


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