What Can You Do With a Series 7 License? And How to Get a Firm to Sponsor You

A series 7 license is probably one of the most powerful licenses in the corporate field of finance. With a series 7 license, you’re able to place trades, you’re able to job hop in a way that was on told before having a license, it opens up the pathway for you to get your series 66, and to become a licensed financial advisor, and it can open additional doors like the field of accounting, and working in tax, if you do it, creatively enough, as I have recently realized. As someone with both a series, 7 license and series 66 designation, I can tell you from experience right now, as I am studying for currently, the CPA exam, but they were actually very close in difficulty. And so in this blog post, let’s look at what can you do with a Series 7 license?


In this blog post, I’ll try to walk you through exactly why you should do everything you can to get your series 7 license, and why it is extremely useful to study. Super hard the first time. The rules of the game for the series 7 license are simple, yet very difficult to execute. The way you pass the test is you bluff your way into a bank for the first time.


Ways to do this include:


Get basic tax experience at H&R Block and use it to pivot.


What Can You Do With a Series 7 License?Become a notary and use it to pivot.


Become an insurance agent and use it to pivot


Pivot from Accounting


Find a way to get in as a bank teller, and then use this to leapfrog into a relationship, banker position and get your license that way.


Which you’ll need to do is get your foot in the door at a bank or a financial firm somewhere. Your UBS, your Raymond James, your Chase, credit Suisse, Bank of America, and all the above are the only ones that can sponsor you to take your series 7 license. You need to be sponsored, and the license is it held by a thin, remember firm, or they will never let you sit for the exam. Another sweetener in order to get your foot in the door. If you’re gonna want to pass your essay, the securities industry essentials exam. Many professionals will have their eyes light up if you put on a résumé that you pass the SAT exam. Reason for this is it is a moderately difficult exam, it saves the money from having to pay you For taking the test, and it is a signal to them that you can probably pass your series 7 exam.


What Can you do with a Series 7 License?


Add to this decent interview skills, enough, financial knowledge for you to have a degree in finance and possibly Accounting, and Wala, you’ve got yourself a foot in the door to a bank.


Great now the hard parts don’t, you’ve Network Ten you’ve got your foot in the door, now we need to grind it out for the series 7. If you’re here, I’m assuming you’ve passed the securities, industry essentials exam, you’ve talked your way into a bank, and you realize that you’re probably going to have to go all in on these licenses, there’s no fun, there’s no Deas after work, there’s no house work. All you’re going to do is literally study options, and muni bonds for the series Seven, a.m. Here’s a few tips for how to actually get this done super quickly.


You’re gonna buy the textbook from Kaplan

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Buy the trainees consultants software


You’re gonna spend a month doing nothing but reading the Kaplan book. Each book has about 20 chapters, each chapter is about 30 pages. To get this done in a month need to read 20 pages a day in depth.


Great it’s been a month, the books done, what you’re gonna want to do now is take the next 4 to 6 weeks and take one practice test every single day in order to get this done. With you taking one practice test every day, you should rack up something like 3 to 4000 new problems on the Training Coastland software, which I have heard is very close to the way they structure the test on the actual securities license exam.


What Can you do with a Series 7 License? A Lot!

Make sure that you’re taking every single exam you can, once you’re done taking the exam and do a full review and understand why every single question is right or wrong, and make sure that your practice testing in minimum 85% range, so that should make sure that you had this on the first try. This exam is no joke, and it’s someone that is studying for the CPA exam right now, it is literally the equivalent of studying for one of the sections of the CPA exam. People like to talk about the CPA exam and how it’s the hardest test out there and all this other nonsense, what I can tell you is that they’re both extremely similar the seven and a 66 is like taking regulation portion of the CPA exam and the audit portion of the CPA exam. Yes obviously they aren’t as difficult as financial accounting reporting, and some of the other accounting sections to the exam, but they are exactly as hard as passing a CPA exam section. The CPA exam is a 600 page book, followed by about 3000 practice questions that you understand completely.

Final thoughts On What Can You Do With a Series 7 License? My Final Take

That’s exactly what the series 7 licenses, and that’s exactly what the Series 66 license is. Take it very seriously, it is extremely difficult, I have seen people with a bachelors degree, masters degrees, MBA‘s, and even attorneys that watch and failed his test because they don’t take it as seriously as they need to. Case in point I have someone that I work with right now, just told me that they’re taking the exam within a month and they haven’t finished reading the book. There’s literally no way you’re gonna pass the exam with that type of a study strategy. If they’re not practice testing in the 80s, every single time you’re not gonna pass a series seven exam case in point. It’s all in work sacrificing, time spent doing practice questions, and that’s it. I’ve learned something about leverage, how is exams work and how money works. Only works based on sacrifice and leverage. It’s how much are you willing to give up, not, how much am I willing to take on. You can be the toughest guy in the world, but if you have a wife, and kids and a house and a dog and a side, hustle and friends and you’re going to the gym, it’s too many things to take on, you will never pass this in any reasonable timeframe whatsoever, sacrifice is the only way, dead serious. You’ll lose the game otherwise.


Now that I’ve given you little is a no BS method for you to pass your Series seven exam, I want you to sacrifice everything you can for the next eight weeks, and I wish you would knock this out. If you’re not sucked in wealth management, yet, this will get you there, along side, some other sweetener light This is like your insurance 215 license, the CFP Designation, and if you’re crazy, like I am, the CPA exam. Dig deep, push through, it’ll end with your hand raised in victory. Leave a comment down below and let us know what you think, and be sure to subscribe to her blog for additional details and information and all things business and finance.




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