Is Yerba Mate Tea The Limitless Pill? Why 9 Figure Entrepreneurs Drink This Daily

Is Yerba Mate Tea the real Limitless Pill? It is the Tea drink of choice for high powered entrepreneurs like Tim Ferris, Dave Asprey and Andrew Huberman. And to add to the craziness of this blog post, I am on a cup of Yerba Mate tea right now as I am writing this article. Dave Asprey raves about mixing this with his Bulletproof coffee and grass fed butter, Tim Ferris mixes it with a tea concoction that combines green and black tea together with sugar and cream for a foamy, Guinness type effect, and many other high powered entrepreneurs like Andrew Huberman regularly swear by consuming this when working for long hours (you can find the Tim Ferris tea recipe video here). This is Tim’s, “morning tea that’s better than coffee” video, and I’ve got to say, the stuff works, a natural, clean, focused energy is what you will get from using this potion. But enough about this entrepreneurs, in this blog post I’ll tell you how I make my Yerba Mate tea, what I typically mix it with and the effects that I receive from it, as well as the research and effects on the tea, and how other high operating business people drink there tea. Hope you enjoy this blog post, and be sure to read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

Yerba Mate for Your Brain – What Neurotransmitters Does This Key Up?

Let’s look at some of the ingredients and activations of Yerba Mate First:

Caffeine – With about 150 mg per serving Caffeine typically activates dopamine, noradrenaline receptors, it blocks adenosine, and it updates your Serotonin.

Yerba Mate Tea leaves – In terms of your Yerba Mate Tea leave portion of the cocktail, it tends to stimulate production of dopamine, and also effects theobromine and theophylline. This tends to give some combination of like a coffee and MAOI inhibitor, or almost an antidepressant/mood boosting effect. The combination of all these alkaloids work together to produce a calm and cool stimulant effect, that I have got to say is like one of the best things out there.

What Does the Research Look Like On This Tea, and How Long Has It Been Around

Yerba Mate Tea and its amazing benefit have been around since 3000 BC, when the Tea was first used by native Indians. Given its natural qualities, there is a wealth of research on the plant, and it is actually in the green tea family. It is nonaddictive, though it can obviously be habit forming in high doses with regular use, as can any supplement, and is probably one of the smoothest, most clean stimulant effects I have ever come across. It’s great for regular use but it also is extremely good for when you need to hammer on a project, or when you can’t seem to get your head into the game on something like studying for the CPA exam or working on the BAR exam. Right now I am using it to write this blog post and I can feel my fingers typing in a sort of fluid buzz that way surpasses whatever coffee typically gives me. This may be the best legal stimulant on the market today.

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My Top 10 Entrepreneurs List That Rave About Using This Tea Regularly for Performance Enhancement

Tim Ferris – Tim Ferris is a huge proponent of drinking this, and as a matter of fact he said himself that he pretty much foregoes the use of all other supplements to instead have favor with this tea. And though a short trip to his kitchen would likely cause you to disagree with this statement, this is one potion that Tim Ferris says he is not afraid to use on a regular basis. Tim says he’s Is Yerba Mate Tea the Limitless Pill?concerned with using some of the more powerful stimulants like say Modafinil on any sort of a regular basis, however with just a cup of tea that has pronounced effects, I’d say that he is much less concerned.

Dave Asprey – Dave Asprey is a bit more liberal with his supplement usage than even Tim Ferris is, however he also swear by Yerba Mate tea as something that works as a quick pick me up, saying it’s even better than regular coffee.

Andrew Huberman –  Andrew Huberman is a very large proponent of Yerba Mate tea. He claims that it is one of the strongest yet safest stimulants out there with smooth energy

Myself – This stuff is helping me through the myriad of projects that I currently have going on. Including an upcoming tax season, studying for the CPA exam, working on growing this blog, acquiring new websites, looking for deals to start a Real Estate Portfolio, and getting my CFP designation so that I can consolidate my positioning in the field of Wealth Management should I ever choose to get back into the game.

Leo Messi – Yes, arguably the best soccer player in the world, this soccer player uses the tea before games and practices.

Cristiano Ronaldo – Ditto with Ronaldo, Argentina and South America are well known users of this Tea.

Barack Obama – The famous Tea in South America that Barack Obama had read about, he even tried it while he was on trip to consolidate bases with our allies in Argentina. The former Commander in Chief gave it a fantastic review.

Gisele Bundchen – Yes the attractive former wife of Tom Brady is known as being a health nut. With how well this stuff works I would not be surprised if Tom Brady takes it before gameday, maybe that’s his top secret victory technique.

Madonna – The famous pop singer has said that she often uses the stuff before going out on stage.

The Pope – As a traditional man of some culture overseas, this appears to be a very popular tea in Europe and other overseas areas, hence why he was able to get his hands on it.

Yerba Mate – By Definition

Yerba Mate is a South African Plant traditionally consumed hot and as a Tea. Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Uruguay, and Paraguay.

Fun fact the plant actually starts out as a small bush before maturing into a tree. The leaves have caffeine and are very similar to the cocoa leaf. The Guarani were the first indigenous people to use the shrub. It used to be used in ceremonies and cultures before it became popularized as a mainstream health supplement.

The Effects of Yerba Mate, And How Does Building a Tolerance to Yerba Mate Work?

So far I have used Yerba Mate Tea 4 times. I plan on using this pretty regularly, however I am curious of whether or not its effects will wane with time. Currently taking about a 2 week break from the tea so my receptors are nice and fresh.

The Benefits of Yerba Mate for Focus and Cognition

The effects I’ve noticed so far are increased focus, increased energy, a nice clean energy, and actually increased creativity and memory and faster learning. Lately I’ve been using it for mainly two things, to help me study for the CPA Exam, and to give me a cleaner energy than coffee does when I need to study, or get a lot of work done in a day. So far so good, I am absolutely loving the Yerba Mate Tea, and the side effects have been very minimal thus far!

What Dosage of Yerba Mate is Best to Use? And Why I Blend It With a Mix of Black and Green Tea and A Bit of Coffee and Drink it All Together!

I typically either use the iced/canned version of the tea or mix it with black and green tea. The best dosage looks to be in the range of 1-3 cups daily at around the 500mg dosage appears to be a good amount. My reference for this number is here.

Side Effects of Yerba Mate – Watch for Frequent Urination and Belly Aches

While the side effects overall have been very minimal, the ones I have experienced are light flushing, frequent urination if I drink it too late at night, and a light belly ache, as it can tend to have something of a laxative effect if you take it too late in the day when you’re stomach is full. Another thing I will tell you is do not drink this tea on an empty stomach or with low blood sugar, as you will get probably the worst headache you have ever had in your life. And don’t drink it WITH a meal either, I find it’s better to drink it after the meal, it kicks in very quickly so if you don’t finish eating before you drink it, then the case could very well be that you will not be able to finish eating once it kicks in, don’t underestimate the focus and appetite suppressant effects that this tea can have on you, it is subtle but very noticeable.

Yerba Mate Review In Total, Why I Give This Tea a 5 Star Rating for the Cleanest Caffeine Source I’ve Ever Had

5 Star rating. The effects of this tea are by far the best I have ever experienced. I literally cannot believe that more people don’t know about this, I’ll be replacing my daily coffee with this primarily, and this is now my favorite thing to use for cleaning, studying, writing, you name it, I’m on Yerba Mate Tea!

Final Thoughts On Is Yerba Mate Tea the Limitless Pill? As Far As Real Life Goes, It’s As Close As It Gets

It’s about as close as it gets. Best part about this is the long term side effects should be null, since it’s just a tea, and so you can use it for regular, sustainable, focused energy. Give it a try, and comment down below with your opinion on Yerba Mate Tea!


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