How Much Red Bull Can Tristan Tate Drink In 3 Minutes?

How Much Red Bull Can Tristan Tate Drink In 3 Minutes? I just watched a hilarious and amazing youtube video on this subject! Tristan Tate in fact holds the world record for most Red Bull consumed in a 3 minute period. THE TANK! Tristan Tate drank 9 cans of Red Bull in just 3 minutes. For reference here is the world record Video in the link. The warning label on the website who records this says “warning, speed drinking can be extremely dangerous, please do not attempt this unless you are an experienced speed drinker and are over 18 years of age.” While it’s temping for me to see just how much Red Bull I can Drink down after watching Tate’s Video…I’m not sure it’s the healthiest thing in the world…..but oh what the heck, below is what I did to try and break Tristan Tate’s Red Bull Drinking Record.

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My Attempt at Tristan Tate’s Record For Red Bull Cans in 3 Minutes – I Drank 4 Cans and Almost Yacked All Over Myself

How Much RedBull Can Tristan Tate Drink in 3 Minutes?So for this attempt the Standard red bull size is the caffeinated, original, 12 ounce cans of Red Bull. Before doing this I had a light meal, Eggs and Bacon with Spinach and some water, and I also went to the gym so I was a bit thirsty when the challenge started. I put 10x 12 ounce Red Bull cans in front of me, because if you’re going to beat the world record that’s how you have to do it, and I was off. The first can took me about 20 seconds. 1 down easy. Second can took me 45 seconds, and I instantly felt the urge to belch and felt some indigestion coming up. This challenge may have been a mistake. I stop and take a break for a bit before looking at the clock, it has been 1 minute and 40 seconds, I’ve literally got 80 seconds left to drink 8 cans of Red Bull>>>yeah guess I shouldn’t quit my day job. One more down the hatch and 30 seconds remain.

My body feels like it’s in diabetic shock and I can’t believe that humans actually attempt this world record, this is literally insane. If all these cans were full of water I don’t think I’d even be able to drink these that quickly. And with just 20 seconds left, I got maybe half a can down of my 4th can. With 3 and 3/4 cans down in 3 minutes (let’s call it 4) I basically had to sit in my chair and take deep breaths for the next 30 minutes or so, and nearly vomited. Several days later though and all is well….though I most definitely WILL NOT foolishly be attempting Tristan Tate’s world record again.

What I Learned From Attempting Tristan Tate’s Red Bull World Record

There’s entire Reddit forums dedicated to just beating this challenge, and dedicated to discussing other facets of how to use RedBull in better and bolder ways. Some quick tips I learned are the following:

Drink Yerba Mate Tea Before the Challenge – I made this one up myself but let’s look at some facts. You can use Yerba Mate or something like ALA, but basically what it is is a blood sugar stabilizer. On top of this it gives you a relaxed buzz which may help you to better attack a challenge like this.

Get a workout in before the challenge – makes you more hungry and thirsty and helps with insulin resistance, and Lord knows you’ll need that for this challenge.

Build up a caffeine tolerance before hand – You can build up Caffeine tolerance, while building Sugar Tolerance needs to be treated differently here. Drinking the liquid isn’t actually the problem, and even the caffeine you can have a massive stimulant tolerance built up beforehand, the sugar is the hardest one because you’re body uses blood sugar and insulin and it just isn’t tolerated in the same way.

A quick warning also is that if you struggle with low blood sugar or other blood sugar issues, DO NOT attempt this challenge, the juice is not worth the massive risk and the squeeze here.

What Sponsorships and Endorsements Has Tate Gotten from Beating this World Record

I doubt Red Bull Sponsors this, though it is really good media coverage for their brand. But with that being said here’s what Tristan Tate got from this:


Tons of views on Youtube and Ad Revenue off of them

A funny video to use for click farming out from Hustlers University

An expansion of the Tate Media Empire

This definitely helped spiral the Tate brothers upward even more!

Final Thoughts on How Much Red Bull Can Tristan Tate Drink in 3 Minutes?

9 Cans of Red Bull and the new world record! Will anyone break Tristan Tate’s world record? Leave a comment down below and let us know what you think. And as always, thanks for reading!






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