Is Andrew Tate a Trillionaire? He Might As Well Be Based on His Youtube Channel

Is Andrew Tate a Trillionaire? I love Andrew Tate and his content but no I would not exactly say that he is a Trillionaire, he likely has a net worth of about $20,000,000 right now, and he just took a decent sized hit with the fact being that he lost a TON of content on the web recently. With the amount of traffic he was getting, where he literally went viral on the web, there’s no way to remove all of it simply because of the number of blogs that covered it but Youtube, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter and just about every other social media platform have all stopped covering a vast majority of Is Andrew Tate a Trillionaire?his videos. In this video, I’ll look at the math behind how much money Andrew Tate likely made, and will walk through his income and net worth!

Is Andrew Tate a Trillionaire?

Call me crazy, but I might be one of the few people who actually enjoys watching Andrew Tate! I love his honestly, his business strategy, and his awesome ability to speak and to capture an audience. But does he actually have a trillion dollars? Literally No, only Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates will ever have a trillion dollars. However he does have a net worth in the $50,000,000.00 to $100,000,000.00 range, not too shabby considering he is only 35 years old and average lifetime household income in the US is only like $3,000,000.00. He is successful indeed, let’s take a look at his strategy.

How Andrew Tate First Got Rich, Why Is Andrew Tate a Trillionaire?

He spoke about this in a handful of popular YouTube videos. His first trial run with getting rich was with his 6 girlfriends. Now I really hope Adsense doesn’t de-monetize us for this, but essentially what he did was “rent” out his girlfriends only fans account. He setup a business as the Admirative manager of the OnlyFans LLC and took a cut of each girls account. Say each girl grossed $7,000 a month, that’s $42,000 a month and say he took half, now he’s making $21,000 per month.

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He kept scaling this, and added more girls, more chats etc. While somewhat dubious and unethical, it was not a dumb strategy by any means that he pulled off and actually it was incredibly smart as he also added chat rooms to the business model. And while this no means made him Mark Zuckerberg rich, or gave him $3,000,000,000.00 at the age of like 21 like the other Internet Billionaires made, I would say he is making something like $40M to $50M or so because of how popular his online course got. He is a dam smart marketer for sure.

How Much Income Does Andrew Tate Make (Pre Ban)?

So before the crazy ban where all the social media platforms are trying to totally remove him from everything, Andrew Tate was making something in the range of $40,000,000 to $50,000,000 per year. Now how the heck did he make this kind of money off of all his content? As surely none of these channels are his, and so he can’t just put ads up with his own TIN on them.

What Andrew Tate did was to basically sell his course at a subscription fee, and in the course he has an affiliate link which gives people money each time they sell his course, which gives people an affiliate link, and so on, and so on. Andrew Tate essentially has pulled off the most successful pyramid scheme in the world and did it through a super charismatic personality and the ability to persuade vast numbers of people into listening and tuning into him. Among the platforms that he is literally ALL OVER:

Google Search







TV Media

Fox News

CNN and all other Cable News

Top Youtube Podcasts

And much more! The dude is literally everywhere. And it is going so far right now to even be the case that people are spreading him further and further in terms of his reach via word of mouth!

How Much Income Does Andrew Tate Make Now After the Ban?

Post ban he is probably making $10,000,000 per year, although it could be as low as $2M to $3M per year and could be much more sporadic than he has experienced up until this point. He said once in a video that it is very weird that once one thing goes, all the platforms domino, almost like they are in cahoots within one another. He said his Youtube ban happened and then:

Tik Tok Banned Him


Payment Processor

Website hosting




And so and and so forth. Heck the press coverage he got just from the ban is more than most people ever want to receive in a lifetime!

Final Thoughts on Is Andrew Tate a Trillionaire?

He is not quite a Trillionaire, but I would say that he is well on his way. Thanks for reading!






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