What is Heavily Tested on The REG CPA Exam? And What Are Your Main Things To Study to Pass This Test

What is heavily tested on the REG CPA Exam? For a test that is fully about legal regulations and taxation, I would say that this is the exam that I am probably the most confident about. I plan on taking the CPA Exam tests in this order

  1. REG
  2. FAR
  3. AUD
  4. BEC

The reason that I want to take them this way is that REG, being tax law and regular case law, is kind of my strong suit and my bread and butter. Being someone in the field of Financial Planning and taxation right now, I think I can knock this one out first and in the fastest time possible, I also find it extremely interesting and I should be taking it right after my first tax season, which should help out quite a bit. Once I knock out the Regulation CPA exam, I have a specific reason why I am taking the exams in the order listed above:

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Likewise FAR, also known as Financial Accounting and Reporting, is widely known to be the hardest of the CPA Exams. By passing this towards the front of the sections, I can show myself that I am cut out for this field, and I can get a compounding effect against the other exams. FAR also has some overlap with Audit, and Audit and FAR have a huge overlap with BEC, so I can compound the exams downward, snowballing my information and taking them in the most efficient way possible.

What is Heavily Tested on the REG CPA Exam?

What is Heavily Tested on the REG CPA Exam?Consequently there are two major concepts that are heavily tested on the REG CPA exam. The first is taxation, which is 1/2 of the exam, and the other is legal regulations. REG is far (get it..far…lmao accounting) different than the other CPA exams in that it is essentially 100% verbal knowledge and filling out tax forms. My advice to prepare, if you are a student in college and want to get ahead or you have some free time on your hands is to do two things:

  1. Take the Enrolled Agent Exam – The Breadth of Tax Knowledge you get from this is going to absolutely blow away whatever you might need on just the Regulation CPA exam. This will give you a massive leg up here.
  2. Buy the REG CPA book and just read it as many times as you can.
  3. Get comfortable with Tax via thetaxadvisor.com and other popular tax websites like Spidel, the more familiar you are the easier it is to learn new concepts.

And there you have it. What do you think of the REG CPA Exam?


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