How to Enter Accounting As a Second Career Changer?

How to Enter Accounting As a Second Career Changer? So, you’ve gotten stuck in another career field and you’ve now realized that all you want to do is be an Accountant. Most people would say that you’re a little bit crazy, but hey that’s pretty much par for the course any time you take on any new challenge worthwhile. In some ways, this is a sign that you are even on the right track and that you are doing the right thing. If you find yourself in these shoes, here’s what you should do to in order to pivot:

In my case, the gist is I am working in Wealth Management as a CSA and I am bored, bored out of my gosh darn mind with how easy and really slow it is on a day to day basis! There is no challenge and it is a lot of formatting Microsoft Word and just doing random administrative tasks and answering phone calls day to day, and quite honestly, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist. With this being said, as of tomorrow I am going to be starting my BA in Accounting from WGU. My hope is that this BA in Accounting turns into me passing the CPA exam, which turns into what I’m hoping is an internship at a Public Accounting firm, which I’m then hoping is a Full Time Associate position, a CPA License, a CFP designation, a master’s degree, and hopefully a tax manager position at an Accounting firm. Hoping to turn this into an Adjunct professor position as well. CPA Tax Manager + Adjunct Professor Job at night = $150,000 per year, not bad for a simple Accountant.

How to Enter Accounting As a Second Career Changer?Here’s my plan for moving career fields:

BA in Accounting starting right now

Pass CPA Exam

Master’s degree in Accounting

CPA License

Finish CFP Designation

Right now, I am going for an Accounting degree at WGU. If you are a career changer, it is fantastic because the hours work completely around your schedule, in that you completely make your own hours. It is also completely competence hierarchy based, in that once you get the material, you can take the exam, and you can move on to the next step. If you are looking to change careers, then I would highly recommend a degree from WGU for doing so. I’ll take a line from Jordan Peterson as well, which is that you can change career paths only if what you are changing to is going to be as difficult or more difficult then what you are currently doing. You have to also make a pact, once you change fields, that you are going to take that field ALL THE WAY. In other words, I am in Wealth Management right now, and I am bored out of my mind. What you should try to do instead is to hop once into something more challenging, which in this case is Accounting, and to from there take it all the way, in other words work in Accounting for like 30 years, conquer the game and make the money!

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How to Get a BA in Accounting Quickly

Here’s my idea for how to get a BA in Accounting quickly. I am signed up for WGU, I got accepted, and I am on track to start on August 1, 2022. I am going to keep going to work obviously (lights don’t keep themselves on) and am going to pursue my BA in Accounting from WGU right now.

I have 18 classes and have a plan to finish them in 6 months. A handful I have already taken, and some are like freshman Excel or writing classes that I hope I can breeze through.

Still 18 classes (not credits) in a 6 month time frame is no joke, that’s essentially a 54 credit hour semester while working. I am taking it very seriously and have cut off a lot of other things in order to try to do this.

Why You Should Take the CPA Exam As Quickly as Possible

Once I get my BA in Accounting…hopefully, it’s on to the CPA exam. I am going to take them in this order:





I have skimmed through BEC and it looks brutal but manageable. Same with REG given might slight tax and financial planning background. FAR is a monster but I actually like Financial Accounting quite a bit. AUD is going to be terrible, makes no sense and so I will save this for last.

No advice for the CPA exam yet since I haven’t taken it, but I have done the CFP and so I will say that sacrificing is the key to victory here.

Why Getting a Master’s Degree in Accounting Is Important

You’ll need the remaining credits, it looks really good on a resume, it gives you a really strong Accounting framework, and it opens up the opportunity for you to be an Adjunct professor at your local University! I plan to go for the MS in Accounting once I pass the CPA Exam and the CFP Exam.

Why I Am So Driven to Get My CPA License

I am bored out of my mind in my current job. I am a CSA at a local Wealth Management office, and the job is so slow that I sit there half the day quite literally doing nothing. I am getting used to it so it isn’t quite as big of a deal. With this being said, I have lately been finding Accounting to be extremely interesting, and so I am going to give this a real shot. I especially like Tax and am very knowledgeable in it for someone that is not yet in the field. I think I can make a great Accountant and CPA with some practice.

Why I Will Finish My CFP Designation As a Sweetener

My plan is to go:

BA in Accounting

CPA Exam

Finish CFP Exam while Interviewing/While in First Tax Season

Once Full Time Associate, Get Master’s Degree in Accounting

This should give me CPA, CFP, MS in Tax by the time I’m about 30, with hopefully an income approaching six figures in total. Fingers crossed it works!

Final Thoughts On How to Enter Accounting As a Second Career Changer, My Thoughts On What To Do Here

And those are my thoughts on how to enter Accounting as a career changer. First step, get the BA in Accounting from WGU. Second step, PASS the CPA Exam! This should most definitely open up some doors for you. Get an Accounting Internship from there, and the sky is the limit! Hello public Accounting.






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