Peter Olinto Review, The Best CPA Exam Tutor I’ve Ever Seen, and Why I Highly Recommend Him for Studying for the CPA Exam

I recently have become obsessed with the Becker CPA Tutor Peter Olinto, as I have been eyeing taking the CPA exam in the next few years for quite some time now. And so, without further ado, I decided to make a Peter Olinto review, and to walk through some of his best study methods, funniest videos, and funniest quotes, so that you can take a proper break from studying for the BEC or FAR section of your CPA exam, and get in what I’m sure are a few much needed laughs. Personally, my two favorite videos of his are the one where he is holding his son with a T-Shirt that says “Tax Deduction,” and the one where he is holding thousands of dollars in cash, reminding you why you are studying for the almighty CPA exam, we will dig into these and more in the blog post. For more information on all things Finance, Accounting and Business, subscribe to our blog for more details and information, and be sure to comment too!

My Peter Olinto Review, My Top 5 Peter Olinto Quotes and Videos

Here are my top five Peter Olinto quotes. Shoutout to Peter Olinto, he has drastically transformed my views on the CPA exam, and he has definitely helped motivate me to get through some of these banking license exams so far, namely the Series 7 that I just passed and the series 66 exam that I am now studying for.

    1. Their is an inverse correlation between happiness, and the rate of passing these exams – He basically says that the more miserable you are leading up to your exam, the better you will do. I’m sure there is actually some truth to this, in that if you are going out partying and chasing girls all day, you may be very very happy, but not a lot of studying is getting done. On the other hand, if you have no friends and are sitting inside studying, you’d better believe you are going to pass that exam.
    2. The Best Reason to Have Kids – He asks what we think the best reason to have kids are, while holding his son wearing a shirt that says “Tax Deduction.”  I got a kick out of this one. Peter Olinto Review
    3. Peter Olinto Fans Himself With Money – The best motivation for studying, if you are wondering why you are cancelling on all your friends. He basically says “if you’re gonna go out, don’t go out, you have no friends, you have no family, I am your only family. Don’t leave the house, and never forget why you’re doing this, this credential will pay you for the rest of your life.” As he fans himself with money.
    4. He Compares Banking Reconciliation Reports to Your First Date – One of the first things you learn in Financial Accounting is banking reconciliations, or how banks use debits and credits to close out their accounts (or something like that…..I’m not actually an accountant yet and it’s been a minute since I’ve taken Financial Accounting.) Anyways, he compares this to your first date and of how you never forget your first, a much needed laugh indeed while studying for the dreaded, and seemingly unending CPA exam.
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  1. He Asks Everyone That Passes the CPA Exam to Send Him $1 – There is a running joke on Reddit that if everyone actually did this, than he’d have $1,000,000+ just from that, not to mention his BONUS that he is always bragging about 🙂

Final Thoughts on My Peter Olinto Review, and Why He Has Definitely Earned his $1.00 from Me if I see Him In Real Life

Personally, even though I’ve just heard of this guy around a month ago, he has done more than he’ll ever know as far as teaching me basic accounting, and most importantly, providing motivation for these banking license exams that I’m working on right now. While getting through the Series 7 and the Series 66 are I’m sure not nearly as difficult as passing the CPA exam, they are no joke, and indeed each one is very difficult, as is true for any finance or accounting exams out there. So Peter, I thank you so much, as you are helping me get through the Series 66 right now, and get my own bonus. For more information on all things Finance and Accounting, subscribe to our blog or comment down below!







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