Pershing Square Review, Is Bill Ackman a Fraud? Why I Say Yes and No

In this blog post, I’ll go into detail on my Pershing Square review, and will reveal whether or not I think that Bill Ackman is really a legit finance guru, or just a really good marketer (hint, its something of a combination of both.) I have been watching an absolute ton of Bill Ackman videos over the past week or so, and I have to say that he really knows his stuff when it comes to finance, accounting, board takeovers, and just about every single financial concept that you can think of, including public speaking, social skills, and raising capital for his hedge fund and financial companies. I would say that Bill Ackman is at about the halfway point between legitimate financial genius, and complete marketing fraud, which as an index fund investor is actually more credit than I give most people in the finance game, since I firmly believe that almost no one can beat an index, net of fees, over a 30 year span of time, more on that in this blog post. For more information, be sure to comment down below and to subscribe to our blog for additional details and information!

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Bill AckmanPershing Square Review, Is Bill Ackman a Fraud?

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Is Bill Ackman a Fraud? Why I Say Yes

So, I don’t think that he is a total fraud, as evidenced by the subtitle that I put below this, however, I will say that he has some elements of just being  a really smart marketer and not necessarily a financial genius. For one, you can tell that he lies a little bit in some of his speeches, like when he talks about having not heard of passive index fund management being the best way to make money, and when he talks about he can beat the market over time. Net of fees and over the last say 15-20 years that he has been in business, he has NOT beaten the market, and even if last year he made 56% in returns, his hedge fund had negative returns the three years prior to this, and while this happened, the S and P 500 was at record highs, returning over 50% in those years. The one thing that I do like about hedge funds however, as evidenced by the returns shown in this paragraph, is that they can sometimes be a good hedge against market volatility…hence the name hedge funds, so they do have some use in that capacity.

Is Bill Ackman A Fraud? Why I Also Say No

So, I say he is not a fraud, in that while I still don’t think he can really beat the market over long spans of time after his 2% of AUM and 20% of capital gains fees, he definitely knows a ridiculous amount of information about finance, to the point that I learn something new about finance and of how to think about money literally every single time I listen to him speak. And aside from this, forget finance for a second, he really is an excellent public speaker, and he has one of the best, most charismatic presentation styles that I have ever seen. The combination of his vast amount of financial knowledge, mixed with his ridiculous amount of charisma, has made for a dangerous combination in the finance game, and as such has really propelled him into the spotlight, you could definitely learn a lot from watching this guy.

Final Thoughts on My Bill Ackman Blog Post Review, Why I Would Actually Invest a Small Amount of My Money with Him Even with His Exorbitant Fees

So, if I had say $1,000,000.00, I would give Bill Ackman something like $50,000 or $100,000, in that the rest would still be in the passively managed index funds, while I would take the risk that Bill Ackman might be able to beat the market, or that he might be able to at least make my portfolio a little bit less volatile in murky times, this would’ve been true in 2020 during the stock market crash, as he netted 56%+. What do you think of Bill Ackman? Comment down below and subscribe to let us know.







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