Bill Ackman vs Carl Icahn, Who I Like Better And Why

In this blog post, plain and simple, we look at the Bill Ackman vs Carl Icahn debate, as I tell you who I like better, who I think is the better salesman, and who I think is smarter in regards to finance. Bill Ackman, with a net worth of $2.2 Billion, is definitely someone that you can learn a lot from, and you can tell by his videos that he likely has more accounting and analytical financial knowledge than Warren Buffet does. With this in mind, Carl Icahn has much more experience, in a lot of ways has better skills at what looks like managing people, and also is much more down to earth, with less of a “holier than now” attitude than Bill Ackman has, and with what looks like more real world grit, Icahn also has a net worth in excess of $20,000,000,000.00, yeah that’s right, $20 Billion Dollars. And so, without further ado, in this blog post, we’ll look at Bill Ackman vs Carl Icahn, and the pros and cons of each hedge fund manager.

Other top hedge fund industry kingpins include:

Steve CohenBill Ackman vs Carl Icahn

Todd Krakow

Bobby Axelrod

Bill Ackman

Carl Icahn

Ray Dadlio

James Simons

George Soros

Kenneth Griffin

David Shaw

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Why I Like Carl Icahn Better In My Bill Ackman vs Carl Icahn Debate

So, the thing I like about Carl Icahn more, aside from the fact that he essentially won the HerbaLife takeover battle and was able to take a huge profit and squeeze Bill Ackman out of all of his profits, is that he is much more down to earth, albeit he is definitely a grumpy old man. I also like the fact that he is entirely self made, and that he is a ruthless warrior that clawed his way to the top, building a fortune that is 10x greater than Bill Ackmans. Ackman relied a lot more on luck and on his affluent beginnings (not to hammer what he has pulled off, as not everyone that starts out with say $1,000,000.00 turns it into $2.2 Billion and one of the largest hedge funds in the world, via Pershing Square.) Carl Icahn literally built his firm and his name from the ground up, starting out in college and later dropping out of medical school to join the army, and then from the army going to Wall Street to build his way up as a broker.

What I Like Bill Ackman Better, Why Bill Wins the Ackman Icahn Debate

The things that I like about Bill Ackman however, are his extremely good social skills, bordering on ridiculous charisma, and his powerful level of intelligence. Not that Carl Icahn does not have both of these things, but you get the feeling with Icahn that he was just brutal in his business dealings and that he absolutely just used a ton of persistence to power through his enemies and take their gold. Bill Ackman largely did it through his Charisma and intelligence, a lot of which was completely natural. Bill Ackman is absolutely to be admired for his breadth of financial knowledge and his incredible public speaking skills, two things that can be a powerful due in the field of finance, especially when you are managing and trying to bring in more capital.

Final Thoughts on My Bill Ackman vs Carl Icahn Debate

And so, I would call this battle a tie. I respect both men a ton and you can really tell that both men respect each other, but I almost lean more towards Carl Icahn in this matter, because I really respect persistence above all else, in that I think it really is the hardest trait to cultivate in life, and Carl Icahn shows this to a serious degree due to his humble beginnings, even more than someone like Bill Ackman does. What do you think of this debate, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.







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