How to Become a CPA Without a Sponsor, My First Person Viewpoint

I created this blog as a sort of everything blog for all things finance, accounting, and to highlight my journey of becoming a CPA, and also to make money so I can pay that darn $700 fee per credit hour. Over the past year or so, I have significantly looked at changing my perspective from becoming an SEO specialist, and an Internet marketer, and I’m starting to move more towards the world of accounting and finance. As I am currently in banking, I love the job but long-term it may not be his 30s out otherwise like, therefore I am starting to explore the certified public accountant path, as a way for a stable, long-term career. This blog highlights, among many other things, like tons of financial research, accounting tips, in fact, my journey to becoming a CPA. I think this will be a cool exercise, both for myself and for my readers, and anyone who is interested in becoming a certified public accountant, and simply follow my blog, and it will walk them through the pathway of what they’ll need to go through, in order to become a certified public accountant.

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My Background, and How This Should Help me in My CPA Journey, How to Become a CPA The Hard Way

A little bit of a background on me so far, and what brought me to this new line of thinking, I previously had a career as an SCO specialist for about five years, and while I did considerably well in that field overall, even building a website to grow six figures a year, and obtaining a job at us $300 million Internet company, none of those bore fruits long term.

How to Become a CPA Without a SponsorIt was my eventual interest in pursuing a degree in finance, and getting my hands on a finance degree, that helped solidify my last Internet company job, as a blend of an Internet start up job at Financial Analyst. . I feel that the skills I have acquired so far, as well as my background and finance and my no current back running banking, can help leave me down a successful path in this field, in that I already understand how financial statements work, I have a balance sheet works, what a trial balances, and I have a basic understanding of filing taxes of what depreciation and amortization is, and a host of other accounting concepts, that a new business student would not otherwise not. I feel that my back on in business can strongly help me in the general business and finance portions of the CPA exam, and that it can also help me in the information systems, and business law portions of the accounting degree. More to come in the following blog post.


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Why I Wish You The Best of Luck if You Are Also Trying to Become a CPA

As someone who is essentially an “outsider” trying to break back into the field and become a CPA, this is a significantly harder path to take towards becoming an Accountant, in comparison to just starting out in a BA in Accounting program, and then taking the CPA Exam from there with a firm sponsor. In that I will be attempting to do this with essentially no firm sponsor, I will have to pay the costs entirely out of my own pocket, and will actually have to hide the fact that I will be taking these exams (hopefully) from my current employer, banking, rather than boasting about it and using it to boost me up the dominance hierarchy of my accounting firm, like I would if I had a firm sponsor. Will update this blog as I continue to get closer and closer. Until next time, be sure to comment down below with your thoughts and opinions on the article, and to subscribe for instant updates!


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