What Does David Goggins Mean By Taking Souls? How to Overcome Difficult Challenges

What does David Goggins mean by taking souls? I have been watching like way way wayy too much David Goggins lately, and you know what I have actually learned a hell of a lot about the human mind by doing so. David Goggins, if you watch him enough, will make you a warrior, or least he will make you WANT to be a warrior. The gold at the other side when you slay the dragon is absolutely worth the effort, this means to have an insane drive, to attack with everything that you’ve got, and to make sacrifices and say no to distractions as much as possible.

David Goggins is the epitome of the warrior archetype, and I have found myself in literally full blown warrior mode a pretty massive percentage of the time as I watch him more and more. One of the things that I hear Goggins talk about the most that I really like is his idea of “taking souls,” whether it’s the soul of an object, a person, a Search Engine, a business, whatever the case it, whatever the battle is right in front of you, move forward with everything you’ve got, and push way beyond your own limits in your brain.

I like the idea of taking souls because David Goggins basically explains how he realized that nothing, literally nothing, wants to stand in front of you for that long if you are going to keep attacking it day and night. Whether it’s a business or whether it’s a marathon, eventually it will subside. In this video, I talk about life lessons from David Goggins, how I have been taking souls in my own life and what we can take from this powerful man!

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How to Take Souls The David Goggins Way, Conquering The Inner Bitch, As David Goggins Would Say

As someone who lost like 150 pounds, likely has a net worth around the level of $5,000,000, and is quite honestly one of the best psychological self help speakers that I have ever seen, I am a seriously big fan boy of David Goggins right now. He talks about conquering the inner bitch, he talks about you having WAY more strength inside of you that you are essentially choosing not to access than you could even believe. As a former Navy seal, David has said that “when your mind is telling you that you are completely done, you are really only like 40% done.” So if you are doing pullups and you hit 50 pullups in say 1 hour, you are DONE. Your arms are extremely sore, you can’t physically go any more, or so you think. What he is saying is that right now you could really do another 75 pullups or so. Congrats on being done with your workout, you’re almost at the halfway point now.

What To Do When You Wake up Feeling Week, In The Words of David Goggins

David Goggins is a great person to watch when you feel you’ve hit a wall. Whether it’s with working out, whether it’s a rut in life, or whether it’s in your business, David is all about drawing on that warrior mentality in order to take you to the next level. One thing I am taking from him is to just keep focusing as much as you possibly can. Two things I am heavily working on right now are scaling my blog to a massive degree, and finishing up my CPA license which requires another say 30 hours a week of studying for the next 18 months. David has told me that I can go so much further if I just keep pressing on. My new goal is to handwrite 60,000 words per month on my blog on top of my normal activities, so far so good as I am at nearly 10,000 words in the last 5 days or so.

What Does David Goggins Mean By Taking Souls? How I Have Been Taking Souls In My Own Life Lately

When David says taking Souls, he is talking about you attacking as aggressively as possible. I’ll give you an example, I am trying to take this blog to the next level. Right now we are at between 500 and 1000 views per day, and if I want to hit the $3,000 to $5,000 per month mark, where this blog will really start to snowball upward or where I can sell for likely $200,000+, I probably need to write another 5000 to 7000 blog posts that are all 1000 to 2000 words long. It has taken me nearly 30 months to write about 600 articles on this website, so I definitely need to be more consistent.

Taking the soul of this blog, of the search engine, and of the traffic and financial stats that I desire is going to take immense effort, and I probably will need to write like 3-4 articles per day for the next 3 to 5 years that are quality, and that people will actually want to read. Beating this goal down to a pulp with every single ounce of willpower in me like I am running a marathon, or fighting a boxing fight, is the real and only way to get to my goal.

A quick quote from Goggins on this he said “I realized that I wasn’t doin anything. I realized that I thought I was working but I was not WORKING. I wasn’t taking the soul of the person or the work that I was doing, I realized that I was just being a bitch and was probably only working at like 40% capacity. So I started to devise ways to take down whatever I was doing, to take it’s soul and to attack aggressively. I learned that nothing wants to stand in your way forever if you just keep attacking relentlessly. Eventually, everything falls, and your willpower will take you to whatever goal you want to hit.” A beautiful dam analogy here, and something that I would love more of in my day to day life.

The 40% Rule, Why Goggins Will Show You That You Have So Much More Drive and Willpower in you Than You Think You Do

A few things I am doing to be more like Goggins in my everyday life:

Studying a crazy amount of hours everyday with relentless focus until my brain literally hurts. I know it’s a good study session when I get very hungry at the end of it and when I am ready for some sleep at the end.

Writing blog posts like crazy, trying to make them as long and as high quality as possible, with the right keywords, to absolutely crush my traffic and my revenue goals. So far so good on this, my new plan is 60,000 words per month, which is 2,000 words per day, every single day for like the rest of my life really. This can really get my blog going and in 10 years I can have close to 10,000,000 words on my blog at just this pace, for 20,000, 40,000, even 100,000 blog posts. Now THAT is taking the soul of whatever is in front of me and just absolutely mowing that thing down!

Working Out – I have begun to become much more relentless with my exercise routine. I am doing like 20 pullups per day in sets, along with curls, deadlifts, running, pushups, dips, bench press, nearly every single day or at least every other day. The combination of all of this while working a 9 to 5 job and looking for another job and trying to get into an Accounting firm for Tax Season is thrilling to say the least, and I definitely plan on channeling my inner David Goggins and pushing through all of this as much as I possibly can.

Cutting Out Nonsense – Bad friends, bad supplements, stuff you’re taking as a mental block, bat habits etc. I cut out all of it and I feel great so far. I even gave up dating for now, and am pretty much just intensely focused on my career and my physical and mental success right now with every ounce of strength that I have.

Final Thoughts On What Does David Goggins Mean By Taking Souls? Attacking In Life And Winning Every Battle In Front of You

And so that’s what David Goggins means by taking souls. He doesn’t mean working hard, he means working like your life depends on it, finding your other self, and going into full on “beast mode.” I am not quite that far into my self development yet, however I can definitely feel daily improvements in myself and am making moves every single day that make me better. Hope you enjoyed reading, be sure to subscribe to our blog and comment down below with your thoughts and opinions.




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