Is The ASVAB An IQ Test? What You Can Learn From The Military Screening Exam And What They Expect from Soldier’s Brains

Is the ASVAB an IQ test? YES that is exactly what it is. While it is something that you can study for to a small degree, the ASVAB is actually much more of an IQ test than even the other exams that we have covered on this blog, like the LSAT, ACT, SAT and GMAT. The ASVAB is pretty much specifically designed to test intelligence in order to see what jobs you qualify for, it’s natural selection with regards to the military! Get a high score on the ASVAB? From what I’ve heard it pretty much sets you up for any job that you want. Get a lower score and your options are much more limited. Fun fact you do have to get a certain ASVAB score, at a minimum, in order to get in.

On a Jordan Peterson podcast he said that it is “illegal to induct anyone into the armed services with an IQ of less than 85” shows just how powerful IQ truly is. If someone has intelligence less than 85 then the army has essentially said that there is nothing that person can do that is more helpful than it is harmful. But don’t worry, if you are reading a blog called “” and you are Google Searching “is the ASVAB an IQ Test?” I think it is pretty safe to say that you’re at least college graduate level IQ or somewhat close to it. And so without further ado, let’s take the time in this blog post to run through what the ASVAB actually is, and of what you should likely do to prepare for the exam.

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How I would Prepare If I Was Taking the ASVAB – Long Term Outlook Means Taking on Always Intellectually Stimulating Tasks

In case you were wondering, the ASVAB stands for the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery Test, essentially an IQ test to determine what field they will place you in and what jobs you are likely most qualified for. It primarily is measuring your general intelligence and cognitive ability, much like the SAT or the LSAT would, though it is much harder to game and study for then say the LSAT or the SAT is. Still, test companies like Mometrix Test Preparation absolutely have practice test banks, study guides and step by step review video tutorials that can help you to get a leg up on the competition.

If you have an IQ of 100 you aren’t going to score like you have an IQ of 145, but if you study for the test say 40 hours per week for 6 months, and work on it like it’s your second day job, then someone with an IQ of 120 can definitely make themselves look like they have an IQ of 145 based on their ability to study long hours and crush the exam. If you have a college degree or a Master’s degree, I would say that you should be able to study and do well on this test with relative ease. In the long run, like if you are 1-2 years out from taking the test, building a business, working a difficult intellectually stimulating job, or going for something like an MBA can absolutely make you stand out and keep your mind sharp for your upcoming ASVAB exam.

How to Prepare for the ASVAB In The Short to Medium Term – ASVAB Prep Books and Exam Quiz Bank Courses

In the short term medium term, say 3-6 months out from the exam, it’s going to be all about reading prep books and practice testing, practice testing, and more practice testing. If you have a college degree this is essentially going to be final exams mode for like the next 3-6 months. You’re shooting for that 99 ASVAB score which means you did better than 99% of test takers! Generally each point on the ASVAB is your percentage score, so in terms of IQ it will generally look like a normal bell curve, full chart below!

What I Think I Would Score on the ASVAB Based on My Background – And My IQ to Scoring Chart Table Down Below

First off, here’s the IQ scoring chart:

20-40 – “Vegetable Matter” as I heard one military general say. I don’t think you can do any jobs in the military with this IQ level. Probably 80 to 89ish range.

40-60 – 95 to 105 IQ level – average score and high school graduate.

60-80 – 108 to 115 – AA to BA level intelligence

80-90-118 to 134 IQ level, highly intelligent.

90-99 – 135 to 145 IQ range, genius level.

Given my SAT score and the fact that I will soon have a CPA License, a CFP designation, currently have a Series 7 license and have a Master’s degree, I would likely put my intelligence at around 125 to 130 range. I’d say I’d probably get a 90 on the ASVAB if I had to guess, if I did the 6 months of studying thing I could probably get this up to the 95 to 99 range if I obsessed over it and really felt like I wanted or needed it.

Final Thoughts On Is the ASVAB An IQ Test? How to Absolutely Crush The Military Standardized Entrance Exam

And there ya have it, I hope you found this blog post to be something of a useful encyclopedia on all things the Military ASVAB screening exam. If so or if not, leave a comment down below and let us know what you think. Till next time.






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