How Much Money Does Patrick Bet David Make? My Opinion On This Awesome Entrepreneur

How much money does Patrick Bet David make? One thing that I like about the podcasts and Youtube Videos that I see on Valuetainment with Patrick Bet David is how positive and inspirational his Youtube videos are. He talks about things like how to double your income, how to become a millionaire, how to make a Million Dollars a year, and much more. He also breaks down the math behind it, he breaks down the emotional side of things and why people stagnate in their income, and so on and so on. How to double your income is probably my favorite Youtube video from him and one of the best Youtube videos on money and income that I have ever seen. He first discusses average income levels. The average income levels number looks something like this:

How Much Money Does Patrick Bet David Make?16-19 – $22,000

20-24 – $28,000

25-34 – $39,000

35-44 – $49,400

45-54 – $50,000

55-64 – $49,608


He talks about how these are the average income levels in the United States, this is just the average, so 50th percentile. He discusses the big jump in income from 24 to 34 and then 34 to 44, when you are constantly recreating yourself, when you are taking risks, and when you are trying new things and being put in new situations where you have to sink or swim, where you have to move forward or risk what will most certainly end in collapse. He brings up why income stagnates after 45, when people get very set in their ways and stop re-creating themselves, and of why you should continue improving all the way up until you are 80 years old and you are on your last breath. Squeeze the most out of life he says, your income is a direct reflection of what you actually do in a day, of how smart you are, if you are a warrior and if you are constantly putting yourself in new situations to test your comfort zone.

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He also discusses those in the 1% brackets in terms of both income and net worth, and of what it takes to make $1,000,000 per year. The numbers for 1% of income earners are as follows:

          Income                     Net Worth

25      $160,000                    $80,000

30      $200,000                    $400,000

35      $250,000                    $1,250,000

40      $320,000                    $3,200,000

45      $400,000                    $5,200,000

50      $470,000                    $7,050,000

55      $470,000                    $8,460,000

60      $470,000                    $9,400,000

65      $470,000                     $11,750,000


He discusses why there is such a drastic difference in these numbers. Personally, I am 27 years old, and my net worth is probably around $80,000. This is an old video so with inflation let’s say that new number is $100,000 or $125,000 or $150,000, so I am a bit behind the 8 ball in terms of getting to the 1% of assets, but I’m driving towards it surely.

Then there’s my income, I am getting whooped. Depending on what the stock market does all of my income sources for this year are going to add up to probably $75,000. Not bad for my age, but not something I’m necessarily that happy about really. I am actually going to pivot fields into accounting for like a $20,000 per year paycut, which may be stupid but I think it will open up the door to other income sources and will allow me to save on Accounting fees for my entire life as a business owner, I also just find it more challenging and interesting and feel that I have to do it in order to “recreate myself” as Patrick says in the video.

How Much Money Does Patrick Bet David Make? My Takeaways from His Videos on Money

His net worth is $200,000,000 to $300,000,000, he built a massive insurance company that is the real reason for a vast majority of his success, however is Youtube channel, brand, huge podcast and his ability to do things like Flip baseball cards and NFTs and invest in companies and more obscure assets, is absolutely another feather in his cap and a huge reason for his victories thus far.

What I took from his podcasts on money however, combined with some David Goggins that I have been watching, is that you have to be absolutely obsessed in order to make money! Your income is a direct reflection of your behavior, you can look at someone’s income numbers over the last 5 or 10 or 3 years and there is a story there. Maybe it flatlined, maybe it skyrocketed, maybe it had ups and downs, maybe it has been steadily increasing. Whatever the case, you can tell how hard someone is hustling based on their income and their net worth numbers, but income is the real number that needs to go up drastically for you to be successful.

Following In the Path of Patrick Bet David, Here Is How I Plan to Re-Create Myself

I have a few things in mind in the short term that I am hoping can skyrocket me to the next level of my income and net worth numbers:

  1. I am going to start being much more diligent about this blog. If you are an avid reader of our new posts, you are going to see something like 60,000 words a month getting added to the blog for what I am hoping is the next 3 to 5 years. I am thinking this should get me to something like $3,000 per month of free cash flow off of the website, which from here should give me two options, sell for $100,000+ or use the cash flow to reinvest profits back into the website and to acquire new websites, and try to build up a massive Adsense portfolio of websites to play with. A combination strategy might be the most beneficial one to use here.
  2. I am going to go for my CPA license. Come what may, I could win, I could lose, whatever the case is I have got an internship opportunity at a Top 10 Public Accounting firm and I am pretty confident that I am going to take it. Some additional income opportunities that your CPA license opens up include the following:

Adjunct Professor Roles – $10,000 to $30,000+ per year as a side hustle.

Accounting Jobs in the $80,000 to $110,000 range after a certain period of time.

Ability to start a tax business – $200,000+ per year potential earnings while only working 1 quarter out of the year.

Tons of freelance jobs – Financial Planning, Bookkeeping, etc. Could easily lead to a $30,000 per year side hustle.

I am hoping I can pivot into something like a $100,000 per year CPA job, side hustle taxes making $20,000 per year, bookkeeping freelance at $30,000 per year and adjunct at $15,000 per year. This gives me a $165,000 per year income. Add in $40,000 from this website and I am at $205,000 per year. This should have a massive compounding effect if I can keep my lifestyle pretty much on beans and rice. Investments, Real Estate Opportunities, SEO acquisition opportunities and much more, hope it works because if it does I am a millionaire!

Final Thoughts On How Much Money Does Patrick Bet David Make, My Thoughts On This Awesome Entrepreneur

What I learned from Patrick Bet David is that you need to hustle! There is an opportunity to make $400,000 or $650,000 per year or $1,000,000 per year, there is so much money out there that you can possibly get that the options are limitless! If you want it however, it is extremely difficult, and you are going to have to fight for every single dollar, get out there and scrap for it and you will be rewarded in the long run!


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