Beyond Meat IPO, Will This Veggie Burger Ever Go Public?

The long-awaited Beyond Meat IPO finally happened in May 2019, with the company’s stock (NASDAQ: BYND) debuting on the Nasdaq exchange. Beyond Meat raised $240 million in its IPO, pricing its shares at $25 each. The company’s market cap is now around $4.5 billion. Beyond Meat is a company that is based out of Los Angeles, California. This company makes plant based meat substitutes so that a person can eat healthier and reduce the harm done to the environment. The company was founded by Ethan Brown in 2009 and has been selling products across the country since 2012.

Beyond Meat is offering plant based options that take the place of several meat proteins including beef, pork, and chicken. When Brown developed this company he was worried about climate change and the impact people were having on the environment. Brown contacted the University of Missouri that has been working on the development of meatless proteins. With the help of the university professors Beyond Chicken Steps was released at Whole Food locations. This was the first in a long line of meatless proteins to be released. The company then went on to develop Beyond Beef Crumbles. Once they found success with this the plant based pork products such as sausage were developed. In 2013, Beyond Meat was named company of the year by the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals organization.

Brown was not the first person to attempt to create a meatless protein, but he was successful in making a product that had the taste and texture of real meat. This made his products more appealing to consumers than the other options that were available. Beyond Meat has been working on continuing to improve their products and make them more accessible to consumers.

The Beyond Meat IPO, My Review Of This Once Small Company

The Beyond Meat company has expanded since the chicken strips were released. . The company has two factories in Europe including in the Netherlands. There are also factories in the Middle East and Africa. The company is looking for the world to go meatless and they are looking to reduce the carbon footprint they leave behind. This company is also looking to help save animals. They are The Beyond Meat IPOallowing people to have the same filling products but there are no animals harmed in this process. The

company is looking to have a future where people can still enjoy their meals without harming any animals. The Beyond Meat company has been working on continuing to improve their products and make them more accessible to consumers. The new products that the company has introduced are the sausage, burger, and ground beef. The company is also working on improving their recipes for these.

What Are The Top Products Of Beyond Meat

There are some tasty products that Beyond Meat has to offer. They are so good that a person will forget they are plant based and they do not miss the meat. Some of the best selling products include:

Beyond Burgers

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This is a plant based burger that is made from bean protein and other natural ingredients.

Beyond Sausage comes in three varies and is made from plants. It has the same look as pork sausage.

These are some of the products offered by Beyond Meat. they are looking to make the world a better place one plant based meal at a time.

Some of Beyond Meat’s best selling products include their Beyond Burgers and Beyond Sausage. The Beyond Burger is a plant-based burger made from bean protein and other natural ingredients, while Beyond Sausage comes in three varieties and is made from plants to mimic the look and taste of pork sausage. With delicious products like these, Beyond Meat definitely packs a punch and really makes a good argument for the benefits of a plant based burger.

Final Thoughts On The Beyond Meat IPO, Why I Will Be Trying One Soon

Overall, the Beyond Meat IPO was a huge success. The company’s stock prices rose significantly on the first day of trading, and it looks like Beyond Meat is here to stay. With delicious products that are good for you and the environment, Beyond Meat is definitely changing the game when it comes to the food industry. If you’re looking to eat a little healthier without giving up meat completely in your diet, I highly encourage Beyond Meat as your food of choice! And For more details and information on all things business and finance, be sure to read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.


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