Chobani Yogurt IPO, Will They Go Public?

Chobani yogurt is a form of Greek yogurt that has become popular with consumers. This yogurt is operated by the Kraft brand and is expanding to grocery stores all over the country. The company now does over a billion dollars in sales with its yogurt. With this much revenue afoot, I think it’s pretty safe to say that a Chobani Yogurt IPO is coming in the near future. In this blog post, let’s look at the possibility of a Chobani Initial Public Offering, read on or subscribe to our blog for more info!

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The Chobani Yogurt IPO, Why I See This Happening

Greek yogurt from Chobani has some interesting flavor combinations. This yogurt has some interesting flavors including sweet and salty. There is some crunchy add in to give the yogurt some additional texture. This yogurt is higher in protein and Chobani offers 10 grams of protein per serving. This will allow people to have a good snack and put them on the path to weight loss.

The Biography And Benefits of Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is full of probiotics. A diet high in probiotics has been shown to reduce inflammation.

Chobani Yogurt IPOAs mentioned Greek yogurt is high in protein. Unlike regular yogurt, Greek yogurt is strained. This means extra liquid has been removed so that a person will be left with yogurt that is thick and creamy. This means that a person will get around double the protein of a regular serving of yogurt. This is great for a snack and will allow a person to feel full for a longer time.

Greek yogurt is also low in sugar. A person can have great taste. The two main ingredients in this product are milk and live active cultures. A person should look for full milk or non-fat versions of this yogurt. The yogurt itself is low in sugar. A person should check the sugar content based on the flavor they want to purchase to make sure there is not a lot of added sugar in Greek yogurt.

Greek yogurt is free from artificial products. Chobani has flavors that do not contain artificial sweeteners, dyes, or animal based thickeners. This yogurt is naturally thick and creamy. If this yogurt has been colored then fruit juice concentrates or even fruit juice has been added. To keep the yogurt from separating when the flavor is added pectin and locust bean gum which are natural products will be used instead of artificial ingredients.

Chobani makes a great Greek yogurt. This snack is healthy and will allow a person to have a feeling of being full for a longer time. As far as their finances…..the numbers are even better than their yogurt.

The Chobani Yogurt IPO, What Kind Of Market Cap Would This IPO Have?

In looking at a few facts about what is now a dominating yogurt empire, aside from the sustainable growth and brand due to their awesome, healthy and tasty yogurt product (they have basically cornered the Greek Yogurt market now, I can’t live without my Chobani in the morning!) they also boast around $1.5 Billion in revenue each year. Take a very modest 20x valuation p/e ratio (food stuff stocks tend to be very cautious in their earnings multiple valuations in comparison to something like electric car companies or tech firms) and you have a $30 billion IPO valuation.

This is exactly where I think the company will have their Initial Public Offering at, conservatively, they will likely hit around $20 to $30 billion in total market cap upon day 1 of trading…making their active founders extremely rich. Keep an eye out for this new hot IPO in mid-2022, as I think we could see a very public IPO in the works around summertime next year!

Revenue And Financial Statements For Chobani Yogurt

As mentioned above, revenue is in the $1.2B to $1.5B per year range as of the end of the third quarter of 2021, with earnings estimates at a growth rate of around 10-15% per year for the next half decade or so. As a food company, margins are actually quite high compared to how most in the food and beverages industry make their money. Chobani boasts annual profits, meaning bottom line net income, at $328,000,000 per year. Again, a conservative multiple could easily get them to a $10B or $20B valuation, especially with these high revenue numbers and above-average margins.

Final Thoughts On The Chobani Yogurt IPO, Where I Think It Stands

And those are the Inflation thoughts on a possible Chobani IPO, no they are not public yet, and as what is still a private S-Corp, there is no way to purchase shares in this company currently (other than like…buying pallets of Chobani Yogurt or something like that….which I probably wouldn’t recommend). Look out for this company to IPO however in mid 2022, and keep your eyes open for a very popular, and possibly lucrative Initial Public Offering. For more information on all things finance, read on or subscribe!







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