Paymentus IPO, Here’s What I Think of This New Hot Stock

The new Paymentus IPO was a hot stock indeed, and aside from the fact that they were in the payment processing niche, I never really knew what Paymentus did as a company. And so, as I have just learned about it, in this blog post, I’ll walk you through how much money Paymentus makes, how much they bring in in revenue each year and quarter, what they IPO’d at and what their current stock price is, and much more. I am actually somewhat excited about being able to hit publish on this blog post, because it has been sitting in my drafts queue for quite some time now, and aside from that, once this is done, I am just one more blog post away from being able to build a full Website Silo Architecture on this blog! Read on or subscribe to our blog for more details and information on all things Paymentus.

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The Paymentus IPO, And Why I Won’t Be Purchasing This Any Time Soon

Paymentus is something of a payment processing conglomerate worth several billion dollars. They are similar to an or an ACI Worldwide in terms of the business model that they are running, bring in cash, charge fees on assets. The money that they make is very similar to how say Financial Advisors make their money, they charge fees on assets, say 1-2%, or sometimes higher like 3-9% depending on what industry you are in, and use this to get their revenue. Advisors bring in money that they manage, and charge around a 1% fee, similar business model.

Long story short on this, the stock had its IPO at around $28 per share in May 2021. From here, it is now trading at $27.99 as of market close on Friday August 13th. Any stock that is trading below its IPO is typically not going to be a good buy, and personally, especially with what I believe is their dwindling financial position, is not something that I would sink my teeth into for investment or speculating.

Final Thoughts on the Paymentus IPO, My Final Opinion

So that’s my final opinion on the Paymentus IPO, I can now fully silo my blog, which is something that I have been waiting to do for some time now. For more details and information on all things business and finance, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.







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