The Captain Sinbad Review, My Review of Nikhils Awesome Youtube Channel

So, in my Captain Sinbad review, I am going to run through exactly why I think Captain Sinbad has a fantastic Youtube Channel, why I think it is going to be one of the best YouTube channels on the internet pretty soon, and especially in the self improvement niche. Nikhil, the owner of the channel, is extremely smart, and I have learned a lot from his channel, he does a really good job of making videos on things like consistency, the compounding effect, and of how to better yourself. For someone who started by making NOFAP videos, he really has come a long way and this is a tribute to the channel. Read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

Among the main topics covered on the channel include the following:


Self Improvement

MeditationCaptain Sinbad Review

How to get into Flow State

How to focus for long periods

How to bolster your career

Napoleon Hill self improvement monologues

How to become a Developer Consultant

How to become a Youtuber

The Benefits of Compound Interest

And a host of other factors, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

Captain Sinbad Review, What I’ve Gotten from His Youtube Channel

So, from his Youtube channel, I have actually learned an incredible amount and I have been a very dedicated viewer for some time now. Among the major things that I’ve learned, are how fast you can accomplish things, the benefits of learning multiple skills at a time, the benefits of the compound effect, and the benefits of Sexual Transmutaton or NoFAP. I have also learned about things like the mental benefits of working out, how you can master mental strength, what a dopamine detox is, and of the power of combining lesser combined skills, like acting and computer programming. Captain Sinbad, or his real name Nikhil, is really a very interesting and unique individual. He is a good programmer, but he is also a good actor and writer, and has very good social skills, as well as good photography and video development skills, and skills with a camera. He also constantly breaks the rules and posts videos on obscure topics like the art of seduction, his family values, cool interviews, how to focus better, and much more!

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My Top Five Captain Sinbad Youtube Videos

So, I personally like the videos on self improvement and on eliminating distractions the most on his channel, like the NOFAP videos and his videos on things like exercise, diet, the flow state, the benefits of compounding, like reading daily, and much more. He is really a fascinating person to watch on youtube, and here are my top five videos with him so far:

  1. The interview with his dad – This is the most recent video that was published on his channel, and I have to say that it probably is the best he has made so far. The emotion of his backstory, and that poured out when he was speaking to his father, and he hugged his dad, is a sight to behold. It was really an insight into human strength, and of how he did not become bitter when his father stopped talking to him, but instead used it to fuel him and better their relationship, I don’t know if I would’ve had the strength to do what he did in this case.
  2. Running Everyday is Changing my Life – This is a video about brain function at its real core, and I have got to say that I love the videos that he does on neuroscience as that is something of a favorite subject of mine. His video on the neuroscience of prawn use has made me re-think some certain habits in my own life, and has given me something of a potential blueprint towards what the inside of the brain looks like and how it is wired.
  3. Jordan Peterson Comedy Sketch – This one was just hilarious, and I honestly think that he should try and leverage this into an interview with Jordan Peterson, I think it would be an awesome video indeed!
  4. The Early NoFap Video – The early Nofap videos where he talks about breaking his 30 day hard mode streaks, or where he talks about a relapse, or about how clear he feels after 30 days or 35 days, or five months, are some of the best that I have ever seen so far. He does such a good job at showing you the state of mind involved, and what it looks like, and it has definitely improved my journey quite a bit.
  5. The Video on Focus/the Flow State – His video on focusing and the flow state has given me a pretty solid among of tricks for how I have improved my own focus. I also typically take from Tim Ferris and his tactics, in that he has given me things like types of Tea to drink in order to sleep better, why successful people often times listen to the same song over and over again as a way of getting into a flow state, and much more.

Final Thoughts on My Captain Sinbad Review, Why This is Such a Good Channel

Be warned if you decide to start watching his Youtube channel, it is addicting! Not like the Walking Dead or Breaking Bad addicting, but it is getting up there. I think that he can potentially be a top 100 Youtuber in the next 5 years if he keeps at this pace, and I have got to say that he probably has a fantastic career ahead of himself in just about any field he wants. Thank you Captain Sinbad, I have learned so much from your Youtube Channel, and this blog post is a tribute to your channel and how you’ve helped me so far.







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