How Did Elon Musk Build Zip2, My Review of Elon Musk And Lessons In Building a Start-Up Company That We Can Take From Him

So How Did Elon Musk Build Zip2, why it is really cool to look into what he did and how he lived his life during this time period, and some lessons we can take from him if you are wanting to build your own company at any point in your life. It has always been a lofty ambition of mine to try and make a million dollars while I’m still in my 20’s. Yes, you read that correctly, it has been a goal of mine to try and earn a million dollars, from scratch, while still being in my 20’s. Only one way to do that, start a company when you are younger, I am 26.25 years of age right now, and after several failed attempts at building a start-up company, I can honestly say that my goal is now borderline impossible. However, I might be able to get darn close, and I think it would still be cool to say, sell an internet affiliate company for $1,000,000.00 at the age of 32 or something like that, and alas, I give you Doubt it’ll sell for a million, in fact right now I could probably sell it for like $3,000 to $4,000 if I put ads on it, and even then it would take a year of work and patience to get to even that point, just need to 50x this baby however and we are home free! And now, lets look at Elon Musk, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

Other Start-Up Idols of mine that we will be reviewing on this website include the following:

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How Did Elon Musk Build Zip2, and Why I Think It is An Absolutely Fascinating Story of Triumph

Here we have Elon Musk, an immigrant from South Africa, who decides he likes computer programming and wants to build something with his brother who is also a nerd. So he goes ahead and they rent out an office for like $200 to $300 per month, and use the $28,000 that they had scraped together, I would assume from working odd jobs, etc. and they decide to funnel everything, all of their money and all of their efforts, into building a dot com company that essentially replaces the phone book.

In order to do this, they are sleeping in this small office, one is up during the entire night coding so that the website could be up during the day where they would make the most money and get the most views off of it. And after living like this from the time Elon Musk was between I believe 24 and 28 years of age (keep in mind he somehow managed to get a super hot wife while doing this, and he was able to get a degree in Physics while doing this…what the heck am I doing wrong?) they received an offer to buy the company for $300,000,000.00, which after splitting this with some of the other partners that they had, netted Elon Musk like $28,000,000, and his brother Kimbal Musk I would assume something like $5,000,000.00 or $10,000,000.00. Not a bad walking away gift for your phone book internet company you built in a garage when you were 28 years old.

Why Living Below Your Means Can Make You Rich, Even Though It Won’t Make You Elon Musk Rich

So, obviously you’re not going to become Elon Musk while you live in a piece of crap apartments with roommates. This won’t make you $225 billion dollars, but it might make you $225,000, in a way that is not only practical, but DOABLE, although it will still be difficult. If you are young and in your 20’s and you are reading this, here’s how you get to like $200,000 by the time you turn 30 years old.

Get a job out of college making $50,000 to $60,000 per year, you can do this in Finance, Accounting, Engineering, or Sales as a BA, or as a field.

After taxes and your 401K match, you should be able to bring in around $50,000 per year in your pocket after this, you can easily keep living expenses to $2,000 per month living with roommates, going out to dinner occasionally, and living a somewhat normal life, sans the living with roommates thing. This will let you save $26,000 per year your first year. Factor in raises and take a conservative estimate, saying that you bring in $65,000 per year on average from age 22 when you graduate college to age 30, and you have yourself $41,000 per year in average savings for 8 years straight. Factor in stock market appreciation on your 401K, and you can have $400,000 to your name by the time you turn 30! Hard as heck? Absolutely. A Big Sacrifice? Absolutely. Do you need to be Elon Musk and sell a company for $30,000,000.00 in order to pocket this type of Dough, heck no!

Elon Musk Used $28,000 to Become a Practical Trillionaire, Here’s My Goal for Spending $28,000 to Become a Millionaire

So, if I were to allocate $28,000 to scaling my internet business, and lets face it if this blog starts making any money at all I’ll really only throw in like $1,000 of my own money, then I would allocate it to outsourcing freelance content. That’s right, this business gets 10,000 pageviews per month right now on this website, which equates to somewhere in the range of $200 per month between advertisements and affiliate links on the website. I can get a decent blog post for about five dollars, and I can SEO it and post it in like a few minutes, the hard part is just churning out new content and writing it by hand. So with $28,000 I figure I could post about 5600 articles relatively fast. This should 20x my blog, and would have me going from $200 per month to like $5,000 per month, the payback period on my money should be about 12-18 months, as it takes awhile for those posts to rank in the SERPS as well. Anyway, not quite Elon Musk but just my two cents.

Final Thoughts on How Did Elon Musk Build Zip2, And My Thoughts on The Great Entrepreneur, And Now The Richest Man in the World!

So, that’s what Elon’s lifestyle was while building Zip2, eating, sleeping and breathing computer programming. How the heck he did this I have no idea, and I wish I could’ve been a fly on the wall while he was building this with his brother when he was like 24 years old, but alas, the world may never know! For more details and information on all things business and finance, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.







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