Is the ACT an IQ Test? How the Two Correlate in Real Life

Is the ACT an IQ Test? In terms of the technical definition of an IQ test, the answer is that, yes, the ACT technically fits the psychological definition for an IQ test. Per the Jordan Peterson definition of why this is an IQ test, any test that has a sequence of randomly generated questions that allows you to get enough of a population sample of intelligence from it, is essentially a test of intelligence quotient ability. I like the SAT and ACT IQ test scales, in that it is a brutal reality check in terms of how smart someone is in high school, and it is the solely most important factor in college admissions. And so, in this blog post, I’ll walk you through exactly how each score correlates to each intelligence quotient, and why the ACT and SAT exams are so important in life. Read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

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Is The ACT an IQ Test? Yes it Absolutely Is

The ACT is definitely an IQ test, and there is very strong research backing the fact that this is the case. The top scores typically correlate to something like the 130 to 145 range, with moderate scores being in the 115 to 120 range, and average or below average scores hitting the 100 IQ range. Here’s a baseline chart for what ACT scores symbolize in terms of IQ.

36- 145 IQ

35 – 140 IQ

34 – 138 IQ

33- 135 IQ

32- 133 IQ

31 – 130 IQ

30 – 128 IQ

29 – 125 IQ

28 – 122

27 – 120

26 – 117

25 – 115

24 – 113

23 – 110

22 – 109

21 – 107

20 – 105 iq

19 – 100 IQ

Final Thoughts on is the ACT an IQ Test, And Why I Say that Yes it Is

And that’s the gist of my ACT vs SAT IQ Scores blog post. The SAT and ACT exams are both very much similar in the ways that they test intelligence. These exams are the absolute most important factors for you to get into a good college, and so be sure to study hard for each of these exams. For some reason that was a brutally difficult blog post to get through and did not capture my interest as much as I thought it would, so I will end it there. For more information on all things business, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.







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