Why Does Andrew Tate Wear Sunglasses All The Time? My New Blog Topic!

Why does Andrew Tate wear sunglasses all the time? I’ve personally got several theories, including what he has said and what he has not said on this subject. I’ll tell you right now that with the amount of content circling Youtube and the internet about Tate that I am thinking I am going to be posting quite a bit of content about him because he is a money maker! I am not going to go as far as to actually buy his course although I will consider it if this content gets enough traffic as a way to push the needle! In this blog post, you will find out who is Andrew Tate, how he makes Why Does Andrew Tate Wear Sunglasses All The Time?$50,000,000+ per year, how he has six wives and gets tons of women, why his content has absolutely exploded on the internet, and much more! Be sure to read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

Other Influencers I will likely start covering on this website if this works include:

Andrew Tate

Loan Paul

Jake Paul

Top Level Boxer’s

Kevin O’Leary

Mark Cuban

Mr. Beast

And a host of other influencers, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.

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Why Does Andrew Tate Wear Sunglasses All The Time? Here’s What He Says About Detached Retina’s From Kickboxing

Andrew Tate will tell you that it is because of a kickboxing injury where he hurt his Retina. The real reason may be just a tad smarter and more Machiavellian than you may care to believe here.

Some on social media are in fact saying that Andrew Tate is wearing sunglasses all the time because it is easier for him to lie this way! I will give him the benefit of the doubt because I actually like his style of branding and will say that it makes it easier for him to sell viewers his course this way! In any case, another reason that I am writing this blog post is because I want to see how it performs overall. If it does really well and I start getting traffic to it, I might actually consider buying his course and posting his content all around, possibly even on my own Youtube channel. If you can’t beat him, join him, and if it makes money I’ll do it!

Why I Like The Marketing Strategy of Andrew Tate

The marketing strategy of Andrew Tate is fairly simple.

Step 1: Make a TON of Youtube videos with just random nonsense, boxing, women, lifestyle advice, money, etc. etc.

Step 2: Sell a course on this to make a TON of money. As of right now he makes $50,000,000.00 in E-Commerce sales from his online course. Best part there is no cost of goods sold and there is no inventory to ship or package, the course just gets sold and he collects money. More power to him, he made an incredible business model and he has also made a lot of other people a lot of money.

Step 3: Take the money and make more content, make the course better, throw money into ad revenue in order to scale up your course, and keep going on and on. Genius marketer, I’ll give him  that one.

Why Does Andrew Tate Wear Sunglasses All The Time?

Final Thoughts, he wear sunglasses all the time due to sensitivity to light from a kickboxing injury, but also probably to look cool and to have better effects on his brand. Whatever he’s doing he has done one heck of a great job, and I think there are actually some decent things you can learn from his podcasts weirdly enough. For more details and information on all things business, finance and marketing, be sure to read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information.




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