How Much Money Does My Website Make? Why This Site Makes $100 Per Month

How much money does my website make? With several other sites in our portfolio that are making much less in revenue, this website is my top earner, at around 12,000 pageviews per month, 8,000 or so visitors per month (we have taken a huge traffic hit since putting up ads because of how much it has slowed down the website and declined our bounce rate) and are making around $3 per day currently. Once we get out site speed issue figured out, re-work our Silo Architecture, and take a few months of revenue and reinvest in back into freelance content on the website, we are looking at something like a 2-5x increase in our revenue there. By summer, if we do everything right, this website could be making as much as $500 per month, and $1,000 per month by the end of the year if the trend holds. Add in some revenues from our Youtube channel, and maybe $500 per year in revenue from the other sites, and we could be looking at a $13,000 per year passive income trail for life, not too shabby for a nighttime side project. I am really excited to have some funding finally to scale the amount of content, to try out some new SEO tools that I am not able to blow money on currently, and to start trying out some additional high tech strategies, even things like Jarvis AI for content generation tests are on my radar for this as well! And so, in this blog post, I’ll tell you what my strategy is for monetizing our website and for scaling it as fast as possible, and of what I would do differently.

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How Much Money Does My Website Make? From $100 to $400 Per Month Currently

For starters, this website is making around $3 per day right now, call it $100 per month. We should be VERY close to $400 per month from here, like within a matter of weeks, or within 2 months, because there are two doubles that are very low hanging fruit. All of which involve around fixing our Website Speed and Page Load Time, which have taken a serious hit.

Once we get the bugs ironed out from this, we should go from our 200 visitors per day number where we our at right now, back up to our 400 visitors per day mark where we were before we switched over. On top of this, a faster website means more clicks and longer time on the site, as well as more conversions. Doubling our ECPM with a site speed change from like 55 up to 90 is definitely doable. With $400 per month, I would say that we most definitely can add something like 40 or 50 articles per month onto this website, which is a 10% growth PER MONTH. Anyone who is reading this blog and knows finance or compound interest knows that those are some crazy numbers, that should have us hitting another 4x by the end of the year, and should get us up to something like $1600 per month in no time! Once you get site speed mapped out and get over the $400 or so per month in revenue mark, the content that you add to the site starts to make waves, and you are able to snowball at a very fast pace. Don’t even get me started on the math behind us reinvesting $1600 per month back into the website, it is some crazy fast growth, and we can sell for something like $70,000 a that point!

My Plans to Grow My Website – Step 1, Site Speed for Conversions and Traffic

And so, as stated above, first things first is that we need to get our site speed figured out as soon as possible. Our speed hit right now is so bad that it is actually causing us huge traffic losses in the SEO department due to the Core Web Vitals algorithm update. If it doesn’t improve by the end of the month I am going to dial the ads back by between 80% and 99% to try and recover some of our rankings, because a 35% to 50% traffic drop week over week is way too high for $3 per day in ad revenue, as much as I am thoroughly enjoying the fact that the website is now making money.

Step 2 – Reinvest Profits Into Content

As stated above, reinvesting profits into content to the point where we can eventually sell this website is the ultimate goal. Getting up to something like $10,000 per month in revenue nets us a $500,000 payday, all in one lump sum. That’s pretty amazing just saying that number, and the scary thing is I know exactly what needs to be done to get there by the time I’m say 30 years old. Since I own around 70% of this company, and since after fees and taxes $500,000 on a website sale is really like $300,000, this could net me a full, after tax profit of say $205,000. This could give a net worth of $500,000 by like age 31…yeah I’ll take that any day of the week. I can always plow that back into another website!

Step 3 – Once I Finish My CFP, Write More Pillar Content In High Volume

My time is very limited right now and so my ability to write say 2-3 good blog posts per day like I would like to do is somewhat handicapped. Once my CFP is done around November (hopefully), I can really go all in on this website and attack, attack, attack all the way to victory.

Final Thoughts On How Much Money Does My Website Make? And Why My Goal Is $10,000 Per Month In 5 Years

And that’s why my goals for this website are how they are. For now, we are making $2.80 on a good day, and I have to roll back traffic so we don’t keep getting crushed in the SERPS due to our speed being so low. Will report back, wish me luck and comment down below with your thoughts and opinions!






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